How to Make Your Kids' Rooms Feel Cozy for Winter

How to Make Your Kids' Rooms Feel Cozy for Winter

When your kids are happy, you’re happy. It’s just a fact. So building a colorful, calming space for your children where they can retreat is just good sense for everyone in the family. Especially as the winter months approach and more time are spent indoors, the kids need a space to explore their creativity and let that imagination run wild. If you create cozy nooks in their room—for reading, for napping, for playing—you’ll know they are safe and sound while you can take a break on the couch and curl up with your favorite magazine.

Sophisticated design isn’t just for the adults in the household. Thoughtful use of fabrics and colors will have your kids asking where you learned to be such a cool mom. Read on for various ways to create a cozy environment with fabrics, layering, and colors so that prize for “Mom of the Year” will be within reach. (But let’s be honest, your family already knows you’re the best.)

Snuggly Bed Linens

Just like you want to feel wrapped in a cozy hug as you drift off to dreamland, your kids will appreciate the same time and effort put into creating a comfy sleep space. One of our plush down comforters is the foundation to a rich bedding experience. From there, you can add some warm flannel sheets and some fleece blankets that double as fort materials. Your kids will flip for the galaxy swirl or rainbow print, bringing some sunny cheer even on those coldest days.

Don’t be afraid to layer some of those blankets with a bold buffalo check or neutral snowflake print. Mixing “adult” prints with kids’ favorites add richness and depth.

Pillows, More Pillows

Next up: throw pillows. If you picked out a rainbow blanket, why not top it off with a rainbow and decorative pom-pom pillow surrounded by bright yellow or red plaid pillows. Pillows on the bed easily transition to the floor when the dollhouse or trucks come out and need some extra softness for playtime. The moose or owl lumbar pillow is a playful addition that serves a great function: it will help your little one sit up during online learning or while they’re at a desk completing homework.

Line Up Those Slippers

Now that you’ve got the softest fabrics set up in your kids’ favorite room, it’s time to think about kids’ slippers. Don’t be shy—pick out a few pairs, so your daughter doesn’t have to choose between bright pink Sherpa lined slippers or emerald green frog slippers. She can have both. And your son will love you if you offer both the doggie and kitty slippers, especially if you’re one of those households that loves pets in all shapes and breeds.

Lining up slippers near the bed in colors that complement the bedding and pillows makes the space playful and pragmatic. There’s no reason not to be fun and Super Mom all at the same time.

Go All Out On Room Accessories

So we’ve got your kiddos all set with flannel and fleece fabrics to keep those toes toasty warm. Think about other items that your family needs during the winter and how you can actually make them a part of the room’s décor. On some free wall space or behind the door hang a rack and then line it with bright and colorful kids’ scarf. Alternate stripe and solid patterns to create something that actually looks like art.

What’re underfoot matters too. A plush, high pile rug in a solid color is excellent for the majority of the floor space, providing cushy play space. Don’t be afraid to layer rugs, either. A smaller rug at their bedside or near the doorway is a great way to introduce animal-themed rugs or striking patterns using your kids’ favorite movie character. It’s a fabulous way to let your kiddo know that you want them to feel like their space is personal.

Sleepover Slumber

Last but not least, think about how you can make that cozy, safe space in their bedroom transferrable to other places. Maybe your family is planning a fall camping trip in the nearby nature preserve. Or maybe your daughter has her first sleepover for her best friend’s birthday. Your son will soon be begging you to hang out with his buddies at a neighborhood bonfire (if he’s not already). Check out some personalized sleeping bags to take the best of home on the road.

The critter sleeping bag is a special way to make a camping trip even more memorable—maybe it’ll help your family spot an owl while hiking or a bear from a safe distance. The galaxy swirl or rainbow galaxy prints are perfect for boys and girls when they’re telling ghost stories and learning how to make their own hot cocoa.

Your kids’ rooms are an extension of your style mixed with theirs. Making their rooms cozy for the winter means happier kids and a happier you.

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