How to Make Your Bedroom Boho Chic for Winter

How to Make Your Bedroom Boho Chic for Winter

Boho chic is an easy way to update your bedroom for winter. It’s all about comfort with a fun mix of color, textures, and your favorite things. Wrap yourself up in a warm and wonderful bedroom and have some fun with boho chic.

Start With the Basics for Your Bed

After all, your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Duvet covers can practically change a whole bedroom—and a new one is as quick as putting on a new pillowcase. Keep neutrals as a backdrop for color and pattern, but don’t be afraid to mix and match. For a luxurious look, consider placing a “too big” duvet on your bed (i.e., a king duvet and comforter on a queen bed). You’ll want to measure it to make sure you will like the look, but this can instantly turn a bed into boho-chic while creating a luxurious feel.

While you’re thinking about new bedding, how about new bedsheets? Fresh sheets are always a welcome addition for a new season, and in winter, you deserve the coziest. Boho chic often involves layering fabrics, textures, and patterns, so keep the patterns to two or three for the room and vary the textures of the fabrics for added interest and comfort.

Create Your Dream Bed With a Few Quick Updates

You deserve sweet dreams in a beautiful bed. Consider adding a canopy. No four-poster? No problem. You can install curtain rods to the ceiling, one at the head of the bed and one at the foot of the bed. Then you can attach the fabric to each curtain rod, and by using tab top, gathered panels, or tie top, attach the fabric to the curtain rods and allow it to drape softly to the floor.

For the suggestion of a canopy with less hardware and fabric, choose a lovely white gauzy panel and drape it along the wall behind your headboard like a wall hanging. Perhaps you could mix in a little greenery for winter with some Christmas garland. Boho chic is all about experimenting and adding variety. If you don’t have a headboard, hanging a large tapestry behind your bed can be lovely. You can attach it to the wall with clear push pins, which takes all five minutes and won’t leave marks on your wall when you decide to switch it out for something else.

Pillows are key for boho chic. Make sure to have enough bed pillows to be comfortable, but throw pillows is a great way to add pops of color and patterns. These can also be switched out for something different for spring if you like, to freshen up your bedroom for a new season.

Bring Nature Indoors

Greenery is a must for boho-chic whether that means live house plants or carefully curated silk ones. Wood furniture can give the nod to nature. Perhaps some birch candlesticks or botanical artwork can add interest. Natural materials like seagrass baskets look beautiful and are functional, too. Make your bathroom a boho chic spa with thick white robes, candles, and wicker baskets for lush towel sets.

Keep It Cozy

Don’t forget your favorite women’s loungewear! What would a winter bedroom be without your easiest clothing options? Extra throw blankets are always good, too. Surround yourself with warmth and style.

Add the Unexpected

The sky is the limit with boho chic. Add some fairy lights for a lovely touch (perhaps with that new canopy or wall hanging). Textures that you wouldn’t put with other styles can fit right into boho chic. Faux fur and velvet would look fun in a boho bedroom (and feel ever so soft). You can create visual interest and extra comfort by layering rugs on top of each other. Just be a bit careful with the patterns and colors. Whimsy is great; outright clashes, not so much.

Add some different furniture, not a full redecorating project, just a touch here and there. A new pouf in a fun color or a new bench for the foot of your bed could freshen things up. If you like neutral-colored furniture or duvets, find a fun throw in a pop color and leave it casually available for both beauty and function.

Don’t forget your favorite things! One of the best parts of boho chic décor is that you can put items together in new and different ways. The more the merrier. Mix photos with mementos from your travels, display musical instruments, or find a place of honor for your favorite keepsakes. Enjoy your things! Don’t just leave them in a box or a drawer all winter.

A boho chic bedroom for winter is all about you—your comfort and your style. Sweet dreams!


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