How to Make Gifts More Special

How to Make Holiday Gifts More Special

Don’t you just love the holidays? They are a wonderful opportunity to spend time with family and friends, enjoy good food, and share gifts. If you are looking for ways to make holiday gifts more special, consider customization. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Timeless Totes

Everyone needs a tote. Whether they will be going grocery shopping, gift shopping, to work, school, or the beach, they need a tote. Why not give them a unique gift by having a tote made in their favorite colors with their initials? Monogramming is an instant upgrade and will show your thoughtfulness.

Totes have an almost endless list of household uses. You can use totes for organizing tools or pantry items, as a green alternative to disposable shopping bags, for day trips or road trips, or for everyday necessities such as wallets, phones, books, and keys. It’s a great idea to keep a tote or two in the back of your car. They can house practical items like jumper cables as well as fun items like picnic blankets and frisbees. It’s important to be prepared for both emergencies and fun!

Bundled in Blankets

Keep your loved ones cozy by bundling them in blankets. Blankets and throws customized with their initials are not only more special, but they will also be both cherished and used for years to come. Blankets are a great gift for everyone on your gift list. Perhaps they would like a throw for cozying up in front of a fire with their favorite book. Throws can also be great gifts for college students or anyone with a twin-sized bed, as they are smaller and easier to maneuver. Fleece throws are a great choice for softness.

Monogrammed sheets are another great gift to consider giving. These can be a thoughtful gift for anyone on your list who has recently redecorated their bedroom (or would like to), moved to a new home, or is newly married or partnered up. A gift that they will use every day will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.

Pampered in Pajamas

Holidays are the perfect time to gift pajamas. It is so easy for most of us to focus on our public wardrobes and not think about what new flannel pajamas, robes, or slippers would keep us warm and cozy in winter or cool and comfy in summer. Why not treat them to the ultimate in comfort and luxury with monogrammed pajamas?

We sometimes think of flannel as being a winter fabric, but in reality, it is wonderful year-round. Cotton flannel is made wonderfully soft by the process of brushing the fibers to create that fuzzy feeling we all love. It also breathes, making it the perfect fabric for hot sleepers year-round and anyone who may encounter a warm summer night.

Thick and Thirsty Towels

Bath towels and hand towels are other items that people often forget to replace or consider upgrading. Most of us just grab whatever is available from the linen closet and go with that. If you want to give your loved ones a spa-level experience in their own home, treat them to thick and thirsty monogrammed bath towels. If you have little ones who share a bathroom, monogrammed bath towels will not only make them feel special and grown-up but will make it easier to tell whose towels are whose. For a powder room, monogrammed hand towels are a lovely touch. These can also make an excellent housewarming gift or wedding gift.

Delightful Décor

If you want to make a gift of home décor extra special, have it customized at the monogram shop. Everything from holiday décor, such as Christmas stockings, to everyday items, like sturdy and stylish mats for their front porch, can be personalized.

Purrfect Pet Gifts

Don’t forget the fur babies on your gift list! Pet supplies, from collars to pet beds to food and water bowls, can be personalized with their pet’s name or a fun word or phrase like, “It’s the dog’s fault.” Pet gifts are among the most fun gifts to give and receive because they can range from practical to silly and be equally useful. Just make sure to let their pet play with the wrapping, too, as long as it is safe.

When shopping for pet gifts, it’s a good idea to check what supplies they already have, along with the size and weight of their pet. If you would like their pet gift to be a surprise, you can probably work these questions into casual conversation. Everyone with a growing puppy wants to tell you how big they now are and how big they will get.

When planning holiday gifts, consider having them personalized. With a bit of thought, you can get a huge payoff in making their gifts extra special.


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