How To Make Back to School Fun for Little Kiddos

How To Make Back to School Fun for Kids

Back to school doesn't have to be all about the jitters. This time of the year can be exciting, too. Though kids may be disappointed that their summer vacation is ending or nervous about meeting new people, there are ways to bring excitement as they head back to class. Read our tips on making back to school as fun and comfortable as possible for kids.

Throw a Back-to-School Party

Before the first day of class arrives, throw a party to ring in the new school year. This party could be held at a park, local venue, or your home. Invite your children's classmates, friends, and neighbors. Consider asking partygoers to donate school supplies for attending kids. Have fun treats, food, and refreshments available for everyone to enjoy. Get everyone's spirits up by playing music and having games available.

Make a Special Breakfast on the First Day

Ensure your kiddos have all the fuel they need for a successful start to their first day of school by making a special breakfast. What are their favorite foods to eat for breakfast? Make sure it's something they'll enjoy, while still providing important nutrients. Plus, if you have the time, consider sitting down with them and getting them excited for their first day. You could talk about the new friends they'll make or the new topics they'll learn.

Pack Surprises in Their Lunchbox

If you'll be making lunch for your kiddos, consider packing surprises in their lunch boxes or bags for them to enjoy all week long. These surprises could be anything. Perhaps you can bake cookies in fun shapes like stars, animals, and their favorite cartoon characters. Maybe you can pack something not food-related like riddles, knock-knock jokes, "fortunes," or anything else you think might put a smile on your kids' faces.

Buy Cool, but Practical, Accessories and Supplies

Buy your kids much-needed accessories that they'll love carrying around. First, they'll need something to carry their items in—such as backpacks or other bags. You can make backpacks exciting for kids too. Find some featuring bright hues, cool designs, and other splashes of colors that'll allow them to make a statement. Look for other supplies they'll want to use, such as pens and highlighters in an assortment of colors, sketch pads, and bookmarks. Find other accessories they might need, such as water bottles. Make sure they have everything they need for nothing less than the greatest success.

Go Shopping at Their Favorite Stores

Kids love to look their best. What they're into in terms of kids' shoes and apparel can be influenced by their friends, social media, and role models. You can make the back-to-school season fun by shopping with your kids at their favorite stores. What are they into? Some stores specialize in a particular style or gender. However, department stores sell a range of apparel and shoes for kids in various styles and sizes. Thrifting has also become incredibly popular these days; through thrifting, you can find discounted apparel from top labels.

Figure out what they need (if there's a school uniform policy), what they're into, and enjoy the bonding moment of shopping with your kids for the new school year. Look for kids' clothes such as kids' jeans, plaid shirts, skirts, dresses, and so much more. Don't forget comfortable sneakers, flats, and other shoes that'll support them as they move from class to class—and everywhere in between!

Write Down Goals

Writing down goals can be an act of mindfulness. Plus, goal setting can teach kids responsibility and time management. Overall, setting goals and accomplishing them can be fun! You can ask your kids what they hope to accomplish on their first day, week, or month. How they keep track of their goals is up to you. They can write them down on note cards, in a journal, or on a poster. The goals can be related to their interests or as simple as, "I hope to greet one new person at school."

Sign Them Up for Clubs

Clubs are a great way to have fun throughout the school year—and a great way to make new friends through a common interest. Are your kids into sports or the performing arts? Certain clubs might come with a fee or an after-school time commitment. Perhaps you'll need to buy kids' clothes or supplies for your child to participate properly. Make sure to have all available information before signing them up!

We hope you've enjoyed our ideas to ensure an exciting back-to-school season! Most of all, enjoy seeing your kids grow and blossom to their fullest potential.


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