How to Look Put Together & Polished

How to Look Put Together & Polished

If you’re already a stylish woman, you know a thing or two about looking your best. However, there are steps you can take to look more put together and polished for any occasion. Getting your clothes tailored will provide you with the best fit possible. Dressing appropriately for your destination is a smart choice. Wearing a quality jacket or coat, if the weather calls for it, will lend a stylish layer. Choosing the right number of accessories you decide to don will tie together your ensembles. You should always strive to keep your beloved shoes clean. Finally, remaining well-groomed will ensure you’ll look your best from head to toe. Read our guidelines for looking polished to elevate your overall appearance.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Any stylish person knows that tailoring your clothes can elevate your overall appearance. It's one of the best ways to look more polished. You can tailor almost every piece of clothing item you have. So, if something doesn’t fit quite right, tailoring will work wonders. You’ll notice that the right fit will highlight your figure. Ask around or do some research to determine where you should go to make alterations.

While trying on your apparel for the tailor, express your needs, such as the specific fit you want. Invest in well-made, classic staples, like women’s jeans. For those staple items, get them tailored to last a lifetime. Some items that are worth tailoring include designer jeans, pant hems, skirt length, occasion pieces, formalwear, suits, and work apparel.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

Never overdress or underdress. Always follow your company’s dress code to instantly look more put together and polished. And always check the dress code for a restaurant or an event. Invest in pieces for particular occasions, or purchase items like versatile skinny jeans that can go with almost any ensemble.

For casual situations, look for stylish T-shirts, women’s khaki pants, blouses, and denim jackets. Usually, if you’re heading to a laid-back place, you can have eye-catching colors and graphics. If you’re going somewhere where you’ll be doing lots of walking, like on a hike with a date, slip into appropriate shoes. Feeling comfortable plays a major role in looking polished.

For business casual, wear cotton, linen, and silk shirts and blouses with slacks. You can also wear office-ready modest dresses of an appropriate length. In the fall or winter, opt for knit cardigans over dresses, sweater dresses, turtleneck sweaters, and stockings. For formal business attire, invest in a quality suit with neutral-toned pumps.

For cocktail parties, you can get overwhelmed with the options you may have. But a classic choice is the little black dress. If you frequently have a dinner party, business dinner, or festive event to attend, you can invest in a little black dress to wear throughout the year. Look for attire that works for any event; black-tie events, white-tie events, weddings, and first dates. You’ll surely look polished.

Wear Chic Outerwear

Invest in stylish outerwear that can last a lifetime and take care of it too. Learn how to wash it by hand or drop it off at the dry cleaners. Why take the time to come up with multiple stylish ensembles if you’re just going to put on a shabby jacket or coat?

Puffer jackets, parka jackets, down coats, or fleece jackets all pair well with casual ensembles. For dressy outfits, tweed coats, trench coats, faux shearling coats, peacoats, or teddy coats are all stylish picks. Go full luxe in a real fur coat (or a fur stole) to drape over your elegant evening attire. And, hang a raincoat in your closet for when the weather calls for it.

Don’t Go Overboard with Accessories

You invest in your beloved jewelry, so you want to show it off. However, if you want to look sophisticated from head to toe, don’t go overboard when choosing which accessories to wear. Keep it simple by choosing a few pieces that match perfectly with what you’re wearing for the day or evening. Invest in a handbag and evening clutch that are versatile. As for the office, purchase simple yet elegant studs or small hoops to coordinate with all your 9-5 outfits.

Keep Your Footwear Clean

Perform preventative actions to keep your pumps, flats, sneakers, rain boots, and women’s winter boots clean based on the material. Check every day for scuff marks, stains, and dirt, and wipe off the outsoles. If you wait too long to clean your shoes, deep cleaning them will only be difficult. Research how to clean them properly and buy items to add to your cleaning kit. Spray your new shoes with a stain-and-water repellent or suede protectant spray to use throughout the year.

Remain Well-Groomed

Finally, keep your hairstyle looking stylish. If you’re having a bad hair day, wear a cute hat, headband, or hair accessory. To keep your skin glowing, drink lots of water, sleep well, wash your face multiple times in the day (especially after removing makeup), and choose the right skincare products.

Keep your hands cleaned and your fingernails trimmed. Practice self-care by occasionally getting a manicure (you’ll have fun picking the right nail polish). Make sure your clothes are cleaned, steamed, and ironed. Check for sweat stains and tackle those stains ASAP. Also, try the perfume that works best for you to smell good, no matter where you’re heading.

There are plenty of easy steps you can take to look put together and polished. Overall, let your personality and spirit shine! That way, not only will you look polished and put together, but you’ll inspire those around you to strive to look their best, too.


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