How to Incorporate Animal Prints Into Your Wardrobe

How to Incorporate Animal Prints Into Your Wardrobe

Animal prints are timeless and effortlessly stylish and can make piecing your outfit together loads of fun! There’s really no limit to the various ways you can incorporate animal prints into your wardrobe, but if you are new to the world of animal prints, all the style options may seem overwhelming. It helps to have a little guidance. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to show you how to get started with animal prints. 

Animal Prints in Your Accessories

Accent an otherwise neutral, monochromatic outfit with a bit of flair by showing off animal print styles in your accessories. Summer dresses, like a white or tan flowy caftan, can be accentuated with some leopard print sunglasses or a tiger print scarf. This gives your whole look an air of sophistication with a hint of mischief and daring yet classic style. If you are going for an iconic old Hollywood look and need to protect your freshly styled hair from the wind, accessorize with an animal print hair scarf and finish the look with a pair of oversized black sunglasses. 

Show Them Off on Your Shoes

A sleek pair of leopard print heels should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s footwear that has steadily become just as essential as the black pump. Like accessorizing with animal prints, wearing animal print shoes gives your outfit that added hint of pizzazz without standing out. Leopard print heels can be worn with an evening outfit for your night on the town or during the day with a pair of blue women's jeans.

Leopard print heels are versatile because they can be worn night or day, at the office or in a casual setting. Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to one shoe style or one animal print style. Another classic animal print that pairs well with both day and evening attire is alligator. A black pair of alligator heels effuses that timeless look, but the alligator print gives it a twist. Wear them with a stunning black dress on your night out or a pantsuit; or wear them during the day in any color like yellow, white, or green to make a playful fashion statement. 

Make a Statement With Animal Print Bags

Just think of any type of accessory or clothing item, and there is probably an animal print version of it. Including bags. All bags. A fun and easy way to make a fashion statement is by having a tote or some other bag that is designed with animal prints. For example, a leopard print clutch goes fabulously with a pair of jeans, a sharp blazer, a crisp, women's white blouse, and another flashy accessory like a red watch. This is the kind of outfit you can wear to the office or on Saturday morning when you are meeting up with girlfriends for brunch. If you need a bigger bag and animal prints have piqued your interest, consider investing in an animal print tote or day backpack.

Once you decide on the kind of bag you want, you can play around with various animal print styles and colors. Although classic animal print colors go well with most articles of clothing (like traditional leopard print), switching up the look with unconventional colors can add a whole new level of excitement to your outfit. For example, an animal print tote with red accents or a tiger print bag in a funky color like green provides ways to make a bold fashion statement. 

Get That Signature Animal Print Outfit

Animal print accessories are one way to glam up your wardrobe, but you don't want to miss out on an animal print outfit that you can show off when you are in a particularly adventurous and fashionable mood. Having an animal print wrap-around dress or midi dress is great for your summer wardrobe. When you are in a festive mood and looking forward to checking out the newest outdoor eatery opening up downtown, you can throw on a leopard print strappy dress and a killer pair of heels.

But animal print clothes are not exclusively designated for summertime; there are plenty of animal print dresses, tops, and other ensembles that can be worn during the winter season. What better way to brighten up a drab, snowy day than showing up to the holiday party in a long-sleeve animal print dress and a pair of leather heel boots? No need to fill up your whole wardrobe with animal prints; just find that one signature piece that you know you’ll love and that offers a super flattering fit, instantly lifts your mood, and gives you that extra boost of confidence before taking on the day or night. 

Have fun with the experience of incorporating animal print into your wardrobe, whether you are doing it for the first time or you are looking for additional pieces to include in your closet.


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