How to Implement Technology Into Your Jewelry

How to Implement Technology Into Your Jewelry

Technology seems to have seeped into virtually every aspect of our lives, and that includes jewelry. You may be wondering what technology and jewelry have to do with each other, but it turns out quite a lot. Every piece of traditional jewelry can be turned into a piece of tech jewelry, allowing you to add stylish pieces to your outfits and reap the tech benefits designed to enhance daily life. In this post, we will take a look at how technology is being implemented in jewelry today.

Shopping For Jewelry

If you use the internet to browse and shop for jewelry, then you are already implementing technology! Online shopping has changed the way we buy all kinds of products, including jewelry. It’s more convenient, and yes, it is actually possible to purchase highly valuable, fine jewelry online without ever having to visit the store. You can also personalize jewelry and have it custom-made with the exact features you want, all while simply clicking a few buttons on your phone or another device.

Wearable Technology

By now, you likely know all about smartwatches, but were you aware of everything they have to offer as well as other forms of wearable tech? Not only can you wear a smartwatch, but you could also wear smart rings, smart bracelets, and smart necklaces, all items designed to perform the same tasks that smartphones and smartwatches do. Just a few examples of what smart jewelry can do include receiving calls and texts and tracking the steps you take throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful ring that not only accessorizes an outfit but makes sure you are getting enough steps in every day to maintain your health?

Laser Tech

Implementing lasers to produce jewelry is nothing new; in fact, this process has been around for quite a few years now. However, laser technology has rapidly improved and can perform actions it has never been able to before. Such actions include carving out ID markers in stones to help you keep track of any lost or stolen jewelry.

Let’s Talk Tech Jewelry

Now allow us to give you specific examples of tech jewelry. The more you learn, the more you may come to discover what tremendous assets they are and just what fabulous gifts they can make for a loved one. When it comes to wrist jewelry, you aren’t limited to just a smartwatch; you may be quite surprised to learn about the many different options. Perhaps you would like the look and practicality of a touchscreen bracelet, which displays all your apps right on the jewelry. And as you might have guessed, you can simply touch the app of choice on the bracelet to access what you are looking for. Another wrist jewelry option with implemented tech is a flash drive wristband which, you guessed it, is a USB bracelet. If it sounds too techy, don’t get turned off by the idea just yet; you can get a flash drive wristband in many different styles, including sterling silver with diamonds.

Tech Rings

We have discussed a little about the various tech bracelets out there, but if you are more of a ring person, this section is for you. Just like bracelets, rings can be designed with various technological features like a USB flash drive and the ability to unlock your phone without touch. There are also some tech rings that are designed to let you unlock your front door with a secret key in the ring. Tech rings could also be great gifts for your kids, so they can wear the rings and you can keep track of their location, knowing they are safe.

USB Jewelry

USB jewelry comes in all different forms, from bracelets to necklaces to rings to earrings. Perhaps you love the stylish look of a crystallized USB pendant necklace covered in rhinestones yet with the capability to store flash memory sticks. If you love earrings and tech, combine the two by treating yourself to a pair of USB crystal teardrop earrings. Not only will they make your outfits look even more stylish, but they will also serve a very practical purpose, making it a worthwhile investment.

High-End Fitness Bracelets

If a smartwatch isn’t enough for you, you may be more interested in high-end fitness bracelets. Not only are fitness bracelets arguably more stylish and subtle than smartwatches, they come with many tech features, allowing you to track your health progress, step count, water intake, calories burned, and more. Not only would this be a great product for yourself, but you could also use this as an idea for holiday gifts or birthday presents.

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