How to Hygge Your Early Spring Wardrobe

How to Hygge Your Early Spring Wardrobe

Have you hopped on the hygge trend yet? Hygge is the Danish and Norwegian practice of prioritizing coziness and comfort in your everyday life. There are so many ways you can live a more hygge life. You can outfit your home with accents like extra-soft blankets, pillows, and candles. Or you can focus your attention inward and strive to exude more feelings of wellness and contentment. The concept of hygge can and should be applied to your wardrobe, too.

A hygge wardrobe is the key to ultimate comfiness and relaxation, especially for those days when you’re hanging out at home. Maybe you’ve mastered the art of hygge for your winter wardrobe, as it’s the easiest season to be cozy — just throw on a few layers and you’re golden. But as the seasons shift and the flowers bloom, you’re probably itching to get out of those pajamas you’ve been wearing all winter. We’ve got some tips to help you reach ultimate coziness as you transition into the spring season.

The Hallmarks of a Hygge Closet

Because hygge is rooted in relaxing, living slow, and enjoying quiet pleasures, your wardrobe should be built around comfort. The first step is figuring out what hygge means to you. Is it about taking time every day to meditate, stroll around the block, or curl up with your favorite book? You’ll want to find pieces that help you feel calm and cozy while you engage in those daily rituals.

What hygge hallmarks should you make room for you in your closet? Comfy casual clothes, soft and supple fabrics, cozy essentials, and even a few extra indulgences. Next, we’ll cover a few of the things to keep in mind as you build your early spring wardrobe.

Start with the Essentials

Line your closet with a few ensembles that will be perfect for lounging at home or simply taking some “me” time. Start with essential items and build up from there. For you, that may mean finding the perfect striped tee or tunic sweatshirt. Or maybe you’ll weigh your pant options, from leggings to joggers to sweats. Whatever you land on, make sure the fabric is oh-so-cozy to the touch. Because it’s spring, this means merino wool, silks, and Pima cotton so that you’re comfy but not overdressed for the weather.

Balance Comfort and Style

You should prioritize comfort, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good! Infuse your comfy looks with a bit of your personal style, like animal print leggings or a spring jacket with a cinched waist. Can you rock a drapey shirt dress for your lounging-around-the-house look? When you give your comfortable outfits a touch of style, you’ll look and feel great in them.

Dress for the Weather

While dressing for spring, you’ll want to keep the variable weather in mind. If it rains or snows in the spring where you live, consider adding in warmer or water-resistant layers, like an open cardigan or a waterproof anorak, that will help you enjoy your relaxing moments. You should also prepare for those magical almost summer days that always seem to bloom once or twice in March and April with comfy tees and capris. Don’t forget to throw a light scarf in your purse for the days there’s still a wintry chill in the air.

Make Room for Indulgences

Your hygge spring wardrobe should bring you joy. That means every purchase doesn’t have to be practical. You should indulge yourself and make purchases you otherwise wouldn’t. Maybe you’ve always wanted a silk slip but never invested in it. Now’s the time to take the plunge and layer it under a chunky sweater or terry cloth bathrobe. Or maybe you’ve been eyeing those matchy-matchy comfy sweats you've seen all over social media but haven’t splurged on one for yourself. Go ahead and purchase one or two items that are solely in your closet to make you happy. You’ll feel so good slipping into your new look.

Don’t Forget the Footwear

When you’re shopping for your next comfy looks, don’t forget the part of your body that sorely needs some TLC — your feet. It’s essential to get footwear that will help you find your bliss. Your hygge footwear should be all about comfort, from buttery-soft socks to tennis shoes in your favorite spring hue to the ultimate comfort footwear: slippers. Because you’re planning for spring, keep all of the fabrics light and airy to transition you to warmer weather. Perhaps you’ll even build a few looks that pair ankle socks with strappy sandals. When you throw on a comfy dress, this outfit becomes the preppy-chic look dreams are made of.

Now that we’ve covered the general concepts you should keep in mind while building your wardrobe, it’s time for the most rewarding part — putting together the hygge wardrobe of your dreams. You know what to look for: soft-to-the-touch fabrics, walking-on-a-cloud slippers, and items that pull in your everyday style, like patterned leggings and matching sets. When you’re settling in for your next Self-Care Sunday or morning meditation, you’ll have the perfect outfit to embrace the hygge lifestyle.


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