How to Have the Best Home Staycation

How to Have the Best Home Staycation

Creating a fabulous home staycation is easy with a little thought. Whether it’s a last-minute staycation or something you’ve been considering for a while, there are lots of simple ways to make it a relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun time. Use these tips to make your at-home vacation the best ever.

Distance Yourself From Work-Related Communication

When you’re having a vacation at home versus going away somewhere, it can be tempting to continue keeping up with work emails, messages, and phone calls. In order to really make it a time you can relax and benefit from, it’s a good idea to try to distance yourself from work-related communication. Set your emails to auto-respond with the date you’ll be back in the office (even if it’s your home office), and set up a special voicemail message that lets others know when you’ll return. This way you can focus on getting the sense of renewal you need from a vacation, even if you’re at home.

Step out of Your Routine and Plan to Do Some Unexpected Things

Part of what is so great about going away on a vacation is that it forces you to get out of your routine and experience the world in a different way. Try to do that with a staycation, too. Instead of just following the routine of your regular workout and standard breakfast of oats or granola, for example, try out a new virtual yoga or tai chi class and spice it up a little with a southwestern omelette. Join some new online groups that match your interests, or try out a new hobby, like photography or poetry, that you’ve always wanted to try. Instead of walking your dog on your usual neighborhood route, go to a new park or trail you’ve never been to before. You might be surprised at how refreshing it can be to try some new things and step out of your routine.

Add Simple But Relaxing Touches to the Home

Sometimes the simple things really do make a difference. Add some special new items that make it easier to relax and get refreshed on your staycation, such as new bed sheets, bedding, and throw pillows. Treat yourself and family members to a plush personalized throw blanket or a set of cozy new pajamas. Place scented candles around the home and conceal clutter with stylish decor pieces like seagrass baskets.

Consider Creating an Itinerary, Just Like a Regular Vacation

Another aspect of a vacation that makes it interesting and fun is that people usually have special things planned for each day that make it different and exciting. Even if you’re not taking a helicopter tour of an exotic location or living it up on the beach on some distant ocean, you can still create that same kind of feeling by making an itinerary for your staycation. Make one day a spa day, and pamper yourself with a DIY facial and manicure. If you have kids, plan a movie fest with all the kids’ favorite treats (and don’t forget the bean bags for kids to lounge on), or break out your collection of board games for the ultimate family game night. Set up an obstacle course or Olympic-themed games in the backyard for a day of active family fun, get out the beach towels and plan some fun water activities, or plan for an afternoon to master that elusive gourmet recipe you’ve always wanted to nail. Make each day special with a simple planned itinerary and you can’t go wrong.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Have all the comforts of home on a staycation while still enjoying some of the most amazing things the world has to offer by virtue of technology. There are loads of virtual tours (many of them free) to take advantage of, from museums and historic sites to zoos and famous places. Discover more about far-off places through online videos or use interactive maps to learn about interesting new places.

Pick a Place You Want to Visit, and Make it Your Staycation Theme

Maybe your vacation won’t physically involve visiting Spain, France, or Italy this year, but you can make your staycation feel as close as possible. Decorate the house and patio with items that make it feel like you are in the country or location of your choice. Look up recipes of the traditional foods for that area and plan to cook them during your staycation. Play music from that country and stream videos of famous places. Use a language-learning app to learn some basic phrases (if you are having a staycation with the family, try to have conversations in that language, too!). Read books by the country’s most famous authors, or check out what the celebrities in that country are doing by browsing online tabloids. If you have kids, you may even want to look up what the traditional clothing looks are and dress in those styles for the week!

Get Creative for the Perfect Staycation

There’s no limit to how incredible your staycation can be. Use a little imagination and don’t be afraid to step outside the box — it will go a long way in making your at-home vacation a memorable one!


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