How to Give Timeless Father’s Day Gifts

How to give timeless Father’s Day gifts.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to give dad the Father’s Day gift he’ll love for years to come, you’re not alone. Lands’ End’s trusted team of dad enthusiasts have been gift-giving pros (of the more practical persuasion) for over five decades worth of Father’s Days. Take our short course in giving to dad, which includes a few of our favorite gifts for the guy that claims he has everything he needs.  

Who is a dad on Father’s Day?

Traditionally, Father’s Day has been set aside to honor your dad. Yes, that’s true. However, we all know there’s so much more to the day than that. This year, try thinking of Father’s Day with a more open mind. Doing so may lead you to the conclusion that Father’s Day truly is the best day to honor grandpas, stepdads, brothers, husbands, your father-in-law, or any positive role model who has been there for you every step of the way. On Father’s Day it’s oh-so-important to make the entire gift giving experience extra meaningful by refusing to overlook all of the men (and women, too) who have helped mold you into the person you are today. Take time to reflect upon your biggest life moments. Who was by your side? Chances are receiving a Father’s Day gift from you would mean the world to them. When buying for multiple dads, it’s okay to keep the gift giving simple. Think comfy men's pajama sets for dads monogrammed with classic initials. It’s basically like giving the gift of lounging. Now there’s a gift that’s never a miss.

What Father’s Day gifts are best for hard to buy for dads? 

Dad may say he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, but you’re not in love with the idea of showing up empty handed. We get it. If dad’s not dropping any hints, your best bet is to dig deep. Seek out a Father’s Day gift that shows dad just how much you truly appreciate him and everything he has done, and continues to do, for you and your family. Finding the perfect gift for dad can be tricky, but chances are, you know him better than you think. To find the perfect gift for him you need to look no further than the memories the two of you share. Give him a new pair of men’s shorts and a comfy UPF 50 men's rash guard in memory of your weekends at the lake. Include a date for a return trip in the card. Did he pass along his barbeque prowess to you? Set him up with a new grill set, short sleeve linen shirt and a good apron. Then start cleaning up the outdoor oven. Any gift that sets aside time to unwind with dad is always a winner.  

What Father’s Day gifts are easiest to personalize? 

This year, you’d like to express your love and appreciation for dad by giving him a personalized Father’s Day gift. You’re searching for something to personalize that dad will actually use, complete with a great monogram that’s meaningful, funny, or maybe a little bit of both. Not to worry. Lands’ End has an endless list of easily customizable gifts for dads. Take for example a Lands’ End men’s t-shirts. On its own, it’s superior to any other tee in the drawer, but add a cool monogram, and you’ve just created a gift dad will not just use—he’ll love it. If dad isn't really a t-shirt guy, don’t throw in the towel just yet. (Unless you’re thinking of giving him personalized beach towels that reads: Dad Bod. Then by all means, yes. Throw in the towel.) Almost every Lands’ End men’s shirt can be customized with dad’s initials. Or switch gears slightly and get him an overnight bag. After all, what dad-on-the-go wouldn’t love receiving an ultra-durable Lands’ End duffle personalized with his name, initials, or a meaningful phrase? 


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