Slim, Husky, or Plus? How to Find a Comfortable Fit for Your Child

Slim, Husky, or Plus? How to Find a Comfortable Fit for Your Child

Shopping for your child’s clothing has changed a lot over the years. Your kid may be older, but that doesn’t mean getting them dressed every morning doesn’t come with its new set of challenges. One of the worst? Finding comfortable clothing for your growing child.

Whatever size or fit your child wears, you can find comfortable (and stylish) clothing for them! We’ll give you some tips on how to determine their size, whether it's regular or a specialty size like slim, husky, or plus, and we’ll help you make sure their clothes fit great. You’ll love helping your child dress with confidence whatever adventure life throws at them, from the school grounds to the playground.

Does Your Child Need a Specialty Size?

If your child is having a hard time fitting into their clothes, you may want to consider finding specialty size clothing for them. How do you know if their clothes don’t fit? There are probably telltale signs, such as the clothing being too tight, too loose, too short, or too long. You’ll also notice that your child probably doesn’t find these items to be comfortable, even if they aren’t telling you directly. They’ll pull at the sleeves, fiddle with the waistband, or trip over their pant legs. It also may be as simple as paying attention to which clothes your kid is never excited about putting on in the morning. Do they gravitate away from certain items? They may not find them to be comfortable.

If you suspect you should try a specialty size, the next step is determining which size is for them. You’ll want to measure your child in the same way you would yourself when you’re clothes shopping. The areas you’ll want to focus on are their shoulder width, their waist, their hips, and their inseam. You can compare their measurements to sizing charts to figure out if they fall into the slim, regular, or husky (for boys) and plus (for girls). Pants are probably the hardest thing to find for your growing child, no matter their size. Specialty sizing can help alleviate some of the stress of finding well-fitting pants, whether you’re searching for boys' husky pants, girl’s plus-jeans or other plus size pants, or another size.

Keep in mind that their measurements probably won’t be enough to find the perfect fit. You’ll also want them to try on as many different clothing items as possible to determine what works and what doesn’t. Your child may be regular in one brand but husky in another. Don’t forget to have them try on outerwear, too, to make sure you find a kids’ winter coats that keeps them warm and dry.

How to Hack the Fit of Your Child’s Clothes

No matter what size your child is, you probably don’t always want to purchase a perfect fit. After all, they will grow out of it in no time. We have several tips for how to hack the fit of your children’s clothes to get the most out of each item you purchase.

Adjustable Pants

You’ve determined what size pants your child is most comfortable in, but maybe they are due for a growth spurt soon. You can find pants with adjustable waistbands like drawstrings or velcro straps. You can also try stretchy, comfortable fabrics. For boys husky joggers are a stylish solution, and you can always go with leggings for girls.


If your child’s clothes are still a little too big, you can cuff the sleeves or pant legs, especially for kids’ jeans or t-shirts.

Custom Tailoring

If your child's clothes still need adjusting, you can take them to a tailor to get the fit just right. To stay within your clothing budget, make sure to get a quote from your tailor before committing to the tailoring job.

What If They Wear a Uniform?

Finding the right fit can be stressful when you’re working within set parameters, like with school uniforms. Thankfully, if your child wears a specialty size, there are a lot of options out there that will probably work within your school’s guidelines. For school shirts, you can try rolling up the sleeves if the fit runs a little large.

Don’t Sacrifice Their Personal Style

Just because an item of clothing comes in your child’s size doesn’t mean they will enjoy wearing it. You should keep their personal style in mind when shopping for specialty sizes like slim, husky, or plus. The last thing you want is for your child to feel like they can’t wear what they want to because of their size. Celebrate their style and find items that complement their current wardrobe.


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