How to Figure Out What Size You Are When Shopping for Men’s Plus Size Clothing

How to Figure Out What Size You Are When Shopping for Men’s Plus Size Clothing

If you’re figuring out what size you are when shopping for men’s plus size clothing, you’re not alone. Sometimes, men’s clothing is based on straightforward measurements like neck and sleeve length, but sometimes not. Let’s look at some easy ways to get clothes that make you look and feel great.

How to Measure

Even if you think you know what size you are in men’s plus size clothing, it’s wise to double-check. Take a little time, get a measuring tape, and let’s capture the info that you need. For tops, you’ll want neck, chest, and arm length. For big and tall pants, you’ll want to capture your waist and hips. Your preferred inseam may vary depending on the type of pants and what shoes you plan to wear with them. Many sneakers have higher bases to them than loafers, for example.

Get a friend to help you with measuring if possible. Here's an easy hack to measure your neck. Pick a top from your closet that fits how you prefer, like a big and tall flannel shirt, then lay the neck of the shirt flat and measure the entire neck from end to end. Chest measurements should be taken at the fullest part of your chest. Arm measurements start at the center of the back of your neck (right where your cervical spine is) and follow your arm down to your wrist while bending your arm at a right angle. For pants, place your feet a comfortable distance apart and measure your waist an inch or so above your belly button. Measure your hips at their widest part. Save your measurements on your smartphone for easy access. Congratulations, you did it!

Stylish Shirts

Once you have your measurements down, take a little time to think about the shirts in your wardrobe and edit them. What styles look and feel great? What are the colors that make you feel confident and always seem to attract compliments? What shirts might be better off donated to charity? If you’re up for a closet edit, it can be a great idea to sort your shirts into “yes”, “maybe”, and “no” piles. Get rid of the “no” pile right away. This will give you the space you need to create the shirt selection that you deserve.

Every guy needs at least one white big and tall dress shirt in addition to more casual go-to options. The clothes you need will depend upon your lifestyle. Do you work in an office five days a week, work a hybrid schedule, or work remotely? What do you like to do for fun? How often do you schedule a date night (or would like to schedule a date night)? Start with neutrals like white and grey, add at least one nice blue shirt, and then go for whatever colors work for you.

Perfect Pants

A wardrobe edit for pants is a great idea, too. If some pants don’t fit, either move them to the back of the closet for now or give them to charity. Do you have any pants that have holes (not the cool distressed kind, but actual holes) or stains? Unless they can be repaired, remove them. When it comes to pants, every guy needs at least one pair of dark neutral-colored dress pants and one pair of big and tall jeans. By starting with these staples, you’ll have the foundation for dozens of great looks. When in doubt, dark neutrals are a safe choice for pants. If you love being on-trend, however, start with neutrals as wardrobe staples and then experiment with fun colors. Pair these with the same color on top or a white top for easy mixing and matching. Men’s fashion has evolved from your grandfather’s days, so enjoy it!

Awesome Activewear

Men’s workout clothes should be comfy and stylish. Whether you wear them for working out or hanging out, they're an important part of your wardrobe. Do a wardrobe edit on your workout clothes, too. This can be a quick, “Does it fit?” and “Is it worn out?” check. It’s easy to wear casual clothes like big and tall T-shirts or joggers until they are done. If you have some of these in your closet, give yourself the gift of a few new things. New cotton and new fleece not only look sharper, but they feel better next to your skin than their worn-out brothers.

Keep sneakers in mind, too. Every guy needs a great pair of white sneakers. Of course, if you are a sneakerhead, go for it! There's a rainbow of fun colorways that comes out each season.

With a bit of measuring and a bit of intentionality, you will be looking and feeling great in your men’s plus size clothing. You deserve it!


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