How to Dress Up Activewear and Workout Clothing

How to Dress Up Activewear and Workout Clothing

Working out and staying active are guaranteed ways to make us feel great. From long hikes with friends or family on beautiful days to all-out gym days or at-home yoga, it's invigorating to carve out time for self-care. Feeling confident in the activewear and gym gear we choose to rock will only amplify how we feel during and after workouts, and maybe even motivate us to get back into an exercise routine or to start one for the first time. You might also be looking for effortless ways to dress up your activewear simply because you enjoy working from home in workout attire, or you want to be able to break from work midday for stretching or a quick workout video before hopping back into another conference call. Whatever the reason for stepping up your workout clothing game, here are some suggestions for dressing up the same outfits that keep you active.

Upgrade Your Activewear

While it’s easy to work out in our go-to comfy sweats or the same T-shirt we sleep in, opting for nicer looking and dressier workout attire is a great way to help us feel even better when we get active or perhaps even motivate us to get active in the first place. Additionally, opting for nicer or more dressed-up-looking gear makes our workout wardrobe more versatile, since the right workout clothes can even be worn for other activities throughout the day. With this in mind, our first tip for how to dress up activewear starts with simply opting for the fanciest possible attire without losing functionality.

Yoga Pants

One great place to start here is with workout bottoms, especially yoga pants. Capri yoga pants and high-waisted yoga pants are a great way to upgrade your activewear rotation. Since these styles look almost identical to the same chinos you might wear to brunch or to work, they’ll allow you to feel dressy during and after your workout. Opt for capri or high-waisted yoga pants in a solid, classic color like black or navy to increase the dressed-up feeling these styles can provide.

Tunic Tops

Now that you have a solid foundation for your dressy workout gear with your bottoms, you can focus on your rotation of activewear tops. While some days you might just want to stay in that same T-shirt or sweatshirt you slept in, putting on a slightly nicer workout top will help you feel even better about your workout session, while also setting you up to be ready to pop into an unexpected work call or run a quick errand.

For a workout top that ticks all the boxes, look no further than a tunic sweatshirt. A quarter-length sleeve cotton tunic sweatshirt in an interesting print is comfy and functional for workouts, while also being dressy enough to allow you to take on the rest of your day without changing. And for warmer days or sweatier routines, simply opt for a moisture-wicking sleeveless crewneck tank top.

Just a fair warning, you’ll love this yoga-pants-and-tunic-top combo so much, you might never wear anything else!

Keep Layers and Accessories Handy

No matter what clothes you ultimately opt to work out in, having the right layers and accessories handy will make it easy to dress up any activewear look. The idea here is to have both top layers you can comfortably wear over your gear prior to your workout or right after. The same goes for accessories.

Cotton Top Layers

Comfy cotton dresses, for example, are perfect to keep in your gym bag to have something to throw over your activewear. You can also start the day with a cotton dress over your gear for a seamless transition from looking cute and dressy to being workout-ready.

Opting for cotton is a great choice since the material won’t feel itchy or heavy, which brings us to women’s cotton sweaters. Having a dressy-looking cotton sweater, especially an open-front cardigan sweater that you can simply throw over your workout top, will allow you to upgrade any workout look without sacrificing comfort. The open-front style is also perfect for days you want to feel cooler and breezier either pre-or post-workout.

Active Accessories

Just as you'll want to have the right layers available, you can also keep accessories on hand that will immediately upgrade any activewear attire. Items such as trendy topknot headbands can be functional for a workout while also looking stylish. Watches can also be a functional and fun way to dress up your workout outfits. Rather than opting for just any old watch to count reps or keep track of your steps on a walk or hike, opt for a timepiece with a stylish band in a sweat-resistant material. The right watchband can immediately amplify any activewear look while also being an essential item for any active woman.

These are just a few tips for dressing up your workout outfits! While we definitely have no judgment against the days you want to stay in your comfy sweats, we hope these easy wardrobe upgrades and additions will help you feel even better about carving out time to be active.


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