How to Dress Up a Pair of Cropped Pants

How to Dress Up a Pair of Cropped Pants

Capris are back in what seems like every length and style, which is probably why they are now called by the overarching name of cropped pants. Whether you wear them at the office, for a night out, or anywhere in between, these pants offer such a full range of versatility that they are easy to dress up for any occasion. Cropped pants are perfect for any dressy function with just a few simple styling tips. Women’s cropped pants can be worn all year round, but they are a particular favorite during the warmer months. Now that spring is almost here, be sure to add cropped pants to your seasonal wardrobe. Dress them up with the following styling tips.

Colors and Fabrics

Colors and fabrics do a lot when it comes to an outfit being casual or formal. Bright colors and synthetic blends are good for casual occasions, while neutral tones and natural fibers work for a formal event. This applies to cropped pants, too. When dressing up cropped pants, be sure to choose the color and fabric you like most. Black, navy, charcoal, and khaki are all colors that will make cropped pants look a little more formal, and a cotton or wool blend lends a professional look to your wardrobe. Wear black cropped pants with a tunic and some cute mules for a timeless business casual look. Feel free to add a personal touch by wearing a bright silk scarf or your favorite belt.

The Perfect Tops

In addition to neutral tunics as mentioned above, there are many other options in tops that will help to dress up your pants. Try a sleek looking women’s cashmere turtleneck with cropped pants and some heels. The streamlined look of a turtleneck combined with the luxurious cashmere fabric will have you looking dressed up and elegant. Alternatively, try a silk women’s blouse tucked into the cropped pants with some pumps or heels. Wearing your favorite dressy shirt will almost always enhance your cropped pants for a more sophisticated look. Planning to attend a party? Go for a fun top and heels for an easy and comfortable outfit.

Stylish Shoes

Your choice of shoe can either make or break an outfit. The simplest outfits can be easily dressed up with the right pair of shoes. The same goes for cropped pants. The best hack for dressing up your cropped pants is to wear a stunning pair of stylish shoes. Cropped pants with strappy heels or a pump make for a classy look. Choose a chunkier heel or a square kitten heel for the same effect, if you prefer. To dress up to your outfit in spring, opt for ankle booties. To be more comfortable or for an office setting, feel free to wear your favorite flats or mules, which lend a sophisticated vibe.

Jazzy Jackets

The right jacket can make almost any pair of cropped pants look like a well-styled suit. There are many different cuts and designs of cropped pants, many of which are fun and stylish. You can opt for different styles or designs of pants, depending on where you're going. Choose a blazer that is well-tailored to help dress up cropped pants. You can mix and match color combos, of course, but for a more seamless appearance, go ahead and match the color of the pants to the blazer. Wear this combination with a women’s white blouse for a classic professional look that also has a twist of style.

Accessorize Away

Like shoes, accessories can change the feel of an entire outfit. When dressing up your cropped pants, explore wearing them with some of your favorite jewelry pieces. If you are looking for an office-appropriate ensemble, then pick more neutral but classy jewelry pieces to wear. If you are dressing up for a night out, then deck yourself out in statement jewelry pieces that are a little more unique to you. Brighten a neutral outfit with a bold belt or a colorful scarf to add something a little extra to your cropped pants outfit.

Cropped pants are en vogue this season. They are such a versatile part of a wardrobe that you can wear them for almost any occasion. You can wear cropped pants at work and then easily transition them to an outfit that is ready for a night out on the town. Switch up the shoes, add some exciting jewelry, and you’re good to go!


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