How to Dress the Whole Family for a Fall Wedding

How to Dress the Whole Family for a Fall Wedding

In the fall, the weather is mild enough to be indoors or outdoors, making it a wonderful time to have a wedding. Dressing for the occasion is also easier since it typically doesn't require coordination with a lot of outerwear. It's refreshing to find an outfit that embraces the beautiful color changes that occur in the fall, such as marigold, burgundy, and earthy colors like tan and gold. Dressing the whole family for a fall wedding takes some planning, but the results are stunning. From fashionable women’s dresses to sleek men’s suits, here's a guide to dress the whole family for a fall wedding.

Cardigans & Light Jackets

If you are attending a wedding in the early fall, you might not need a coat at all. However, if the wedding extends to late November, you may find that the temperatures dip low enough to merit the help of outerwear like men’s fall jackets. Fall jackets are made out of materials that allow some airflow in addition to warmth. Something soft and quilted like a barn coat falls into this category.

You may also find a cardigan made from a dressy material like cashmere can also keep you warm. Blazers and sportcoats already come in materials that are suited for business casual events, so they fit just right into the wedding scene. Just avoid any tacky patterns or logos that can be distracting on your cover-ups, and you’re good to go.

Shoes Just Right for Fall Weather

Since a wedding is a festive social event where people walk around and dance, shoes should combine good looks and comfort. In the fall, the weather can either call for closed or open-toe shoes, so there are a lot of possibilities. Overall, kids should stick to presentable but comfortable shoes, such as girls' Mary Janes or comfortable loafers. If you have a particularly active kid, there’s no harm in keeping them in some clean sneakers. This is especially important for little walkers who need comfortable shoes to learn how to balance.

Men can find exceptional fashion and comfort with a pair of penny loafers and other dress shoes that are made of leather-like materials. Be sure to shine them, so they look their best for the big day. Depending on the weather, women can wear open-toed heels or may opt for dressy closed-toe pumps or women's flats. You may also find your best style in a pair of country boots to match a lovely lace dress. Since the weather is typically mild, you have plenty of footwear options to look and feel your best.

Slacks & Button-Down Shirts

For men, the traditional wedding outfit consists of a pair of neutral-colored slacks and a button-down shirt. This business casual attire is the baseline look that can be dressed down or dressed up as needed. For instance, your friends may want something casual instead of dressy. In this case, just take this concept and wear a pair of dark jeans with a men's button-down shirt instead.

If the wedding dress code is black-tie formal, then you need to take your outfit up a notch. It’s time to bring out the cuff links, necktie, sportscoat, and your shiniest pair of penny loafers. The details matter, such as folding a handkerchief neatly into your suit’s front pocket. If you’re part of the wedding party, you may also need to wear a vest and cummerbund. To be confident in your outfit, check the wedding invitation to see what level of formality your host wants. If there are no directions, always err on the side of caution and be more formal than informal. After all, it’s never a bad thing to be a little overdressed for anything!


Women have plenty of options when it comes to weddings. Though a dress is the traditional attire, women have other choices like slacks, blouses, skirts, and fancy jumpsuits. By knowing what the hosts desire in formality, you can easily fine-tune your outfit to make it match the mood of the occasion.

In doubt of what to wear? You can never go wrong with a little black dress. This piece never goes out of style, is easy to match with a variety of shoes and handbags, and looks effortlessly chic with a pair of diamond earrings. For fashion emergencies, always have a few black dresses on hand and you’ll never scramble for a stylish look again.

With these styling tips, the whole family can look fashionable and festive for an upcoming fall wedding.


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