How to Decorate Kids’ Rooms for Christmas

How to Decorate Kids’ Rooms for Christmas

A kid’s bedroom is a special place. It is where they can express their unique personalities, hide out when they’re sad or upset, and spend a night of peaceful slumber. And if they’re spending lots of time there this year, they surely want it to look nice and festive during the holidays. No matter their age, Christmas is a special time for your kids. By decorating their room for them during the holidays, you can make it even more special. If you’re looking for ideas, here are some tried-and-true recommendations for how to decorate kids’ rooms for Christmas. You may even get some ideas for your own bedroom!

Keep Your Focus on the Bed

Just like the kitchen table is the heart of the kitchen, the bed is the heart of the bedroom. And during Christmastime, when the weather is cold and your kids need lots of warm hugs, you want to make sure their bed is inviting. Because it is the focal point of the room, the bed is a great blank canvas for Christmas décor. Start with a comforter that matches the Christmas theme, and don’t forget to add some throw pillows and blankets to your kids’ bedding. These details can really add a special touch to a child’s bedroom, and they’re easy changes to make.

You Definitely Need Flannel Sheets

You know the feeling of a soft flannel shirt against your skin. But have you tried sleeping in flannel sheets? Flannel and wintertime go hand in hand. And there’s something about a red, green, and gold checkered flannel that says Christmas.

Especially during wintertime, flannel sheets are the best sheets around. They keep you warm and comfy because the brushed flannel traps air. However, flannel sheets don’t make kids overheat, so you don’t have to worry about them tossing and turning or waking up because they’re too hot. Tuck your kids into a soft envelope of flannel each night, and they’re likely to fall fast asleep and stay asleep until morning. Plus, the sheets look warm and festive, naturally adding to the holiday décor. Pair some flannel sheets with a solid-colored green, red, or cream comforter and it will look like Christmas.

Make a DIY Fireplace Mantel

Add some warmth to your child’s bedroom with a DIY fireplace with a mantel for them to hang their stocking. This is a great project to do together while also getting them off their electronic devices. You can get as creative with it as you like, whether you just used some construction paper to cut out the fireplace and flames, or whether you align some shoeboxes on a shelf and turn those into the mantel. Don’t forget the stocking. You can find some great needlepoint Christmas stockings from Lands’ End that look like they were made by grandma.

Hang Some Lights

Hanging a strand or two of Christmas lights is an inexpensive and easy way to light up a room for the holidays. And kids love the ambiance it gives. You might even find that they sleep better at night when they nod off with the warm glow of Christmas in their room. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the lights aren’t too bright, or your kids won’t get any sleep. Or you could simply keep them on during the daytime and turn them off at night if they’re sensitive to light. Regardless, some colored or some soft white strands of lights lining their windows or bookshelves adds a really special touch for the holidays. Just make sure the cords are tucked away so that they don’t pose a tripping hazard. And make sure they’re kept away from cribs and younger kids’ beds.

Create a Christmas-Themed Reading Nook

Creating a special place that’s reserved for reading only is a great way to get kids to read more. You may find that they actually look forward to decompressing with a good book in a cozy reading corner. This can be as easy as getting a bean bag chair and hanging a Christmas-themed sheet over it from the ceiling, so it’s like a little teepee. Or just get a bunch of big pillows and place them on the floor underneath the sheet canopy. To be consistent with the Christmas theme, add a Christmas throw blanket and some pillows, too. Or you could keep the reading nook in style all winter by simply using winter-themed décor instead of Christmas-specific décor. Don’t forget to reward your kids with a cup of hot cocoa while they read.

It can be so much fun to add a touch of merry to your kids’ bedroom. Whether you surprise them with a decorated bedroom for Christmas or let them help you with the decorating, it will be sure to put a smile on your kids' faces.

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