How to Decorate Doors for the Holidays

How to Decorate Doors for the Holidays

If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, then doors are the windows to your house – err, that’s not quite right. What we mean to say is, the way you decorate a door for your house says a lot about you and the home you keep. Is your door traditional or trendy, loud or understated? Use this quick guide as a reference to make your door decorations look warm and welcoming this holiday season.

Keep the “Live” in Livery

By this, we mean to take advantage of holiday decorations made from fresh evergreen clippings. Artificial wreaths may be popular, but we think they lack character, plus they can get misshapen when stored in a box all year. Our Christmas wreaths are made by hand on a family evergreen farm in the Pacific Northwest. We think that makes them special, and every one will be unique.

We also love the fresh garland we source from that same family farm. String it around your door frame for a little extra holiday magic. Maybe even sneak a little piece of mistletoe up there. Christmas garland works well indoors as well as outdoors, so you can order several strands and use it as a theme for your doorways, banisters, or mantel.

Incorporate Lighting

Want to know what makes beautiful Christmas greenery like wreaths and garland even more stunning? Warm lighting to illuminate it! To make your home’s front door look even more like a festive, inviting Christmas wonderland, hang some string lights up around your door or wrap the garland or wreath in string lights. It’s up to you whether you want traditional, clear string lights or multi-color string lights (it will depend on the décor theme you are going for). Plus, having string lights on and around your front door serves practical purposes, too, such as making it easier for you and any house visitors to see clearly when walking to your front door.

Lay the Foundation

A good doormat serves a couple of purposes. First, it’s a way of welcoming folks to your home. Whether yours literally says “welcome” on it or it simply sets a welcoming tone with a friendly color, a good doormat will set the tone your guests can expect to find upon entering your home. Doormats also make a place for guests to slough off the wintery mix from their snow boots before entering your clean home. A good doormat says, “Welcome to our home – kindly don’t bring your mud and slush with you.”

Set the Whole Scene with Outdoor Furniture

Remember that the door itself isn’t the whole picture but just an element of the scene you’re building. Hang up some lights, of course, and maybe string up some more garland while you’re at it. If you have a porch swing or rocking chair, consider a couple of outdoor Christmas throw pillows that you can add here and there. A throw pillow that’s suitable for outdoor use will have water-repellent fabric and weatherproof fill. The outdoor throw pillows we offer at Lands’ End are also fade-resistant, so you’ll be able to use them for years.

Pick Décor Pieces That Represent Your Style

Decorating anything is tremendous fun because it gives you a chance to show off your design skills and your taste. The holiday décor pieces you choose should reflect your taste. For some, that could mean decorating the front door with DIY pieces, like hanging a handmade Christmas stocking created by your child or hanging up crafty wreaths you and your children made together. If you're hanging a wreath and love natural elements, add dried citrus to the wreath to dress it up. If you love color, hang a poinsettia garland. If you love the look of a woven basket, you might hang that on your front door and fill it with garland or other festive décor.

Hang a Banner

An alternative to the classic wreath hanging on your front door is a festive holiday banner. If you have a message you’d like to send to your house guests or the neighborhood (anything from Happy Holidays to ‘Tis The Season”), hang it on your door in the form of a banner. It doesn’t have to have a holiday greeting on it either; perhaps you just want something that looks like a festive piece of art. This works especially well if you don’t have a window on your front door.

In this guide, we’ve focused primarily on external doors, like your front door. But don’t forget, internal doors can have some fun, too! Hang a wreath or Christmas decorations here or there, and string some garland around door frames that don’t have doors. The merriment can flow through your whole house, but it always helps to get that best first impression.

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