How to Decorate a Dreamy Cottagecore Bedroom

How to Decorate a Dreamy Cottagecore Bedroom

Have you been lurking on Pinterest boards drooling over the gorgeous cottagecore aesthetic? Tempted to transform your bedroom into a quaint, rustic, fairytale wonderland? With the right ideas, mood boards, and inspiration, that dream can come true. If you are ready to take the plunge and turn your bedroom into a cottagecore wonderland, consider a few of these fabulous design tips.

Plants. Lots and Lots of Plants.

When planning your dream cottagecore bedroom and putting together your mood board, don’t forget plants, an integral component of cottagecore. If you feel you don’t have the time to care for several plants, or you just firmly believe you don’t have a green thumb, stick to just a handful of low-maintenance plants or adorable succulents. Another alternative for people with busy schedules or poor luck with plants is to buy artificial greenery. However, if you have a passion for plants, don’t hold back. Deck out your cottagecore bedroom with lots of greenery. Think you don’t have the budget for lots of plants? If you have the patience, grow your own hanging plants and vines instead of buying them outright. Having beautiful green plants hanging from the ceiling, decorating the walls, and resting on shelves will immediately brighten and liven up the room and give that cottagecore feel.

String Lights, Fairy Lights, Flower Lights

Like plants, string lights are a big part of the cottagecore aesthetic. Having them hang from the ceilings and around your window treatments among your greenery will give a charming fairytale vibe. Plus, string lights are just more pleasing to the eye than bright, incandescent lights. So when you feel like curling up on your bed on a rainy day with a cup of tea and a good book, you will be surrounded by the glow of string lights. It’s a little bit of paradise right in the comfort of your own home.

Wood Furnishings

Creating that quaint look is often done with wood furnishings or accents. Some examples include wooden window treatments or wooden ceiling beams. To make the wooden features really pop, simple white or cream-colored walls will really elevate the look. If you have enough room in your bedroom, consider adding a wooden desk or a nightstand.

A Vintage Headboard

Think about frequenting a few of your local thrift stores for charming decor pieces and little figurines. One important decor feature is your bed headboard. You may get lucky and find a gorgeous, vintage headboard along the way. Colors like green, yellow, and purple are all light and whimsical and add vibrance to the room.

Antique Furnishings

Aside from wood furnishings and accents, antiques and other vintage items are big parts of cottagecore. Again, we suggest you take to the local thrift stores or shop online to find stunning antiques to decorate your bedroom. Think about the scene you are trying to create and the story you want to tell. Don’t just buy antiques for the sake of saying you did it. Find antiques that speak to you and fit with the narrative of the room. Also, because there are even more themes within the cottagecore theme itself, make sure the antiques align with your theme of choice. Some cottagecore themes include gardencore, farmcore, vintagecore, and meadowcore. Choose the theme you love, and make your dream look like a reality.


Plants are an integral part of cottagecore, but flowers are too. If there is a certain floral look you love and want to make a permanent fixture in your bedroom, you may prefer to buy artificial flowers. If you love the feeling of having fresh, beautiful-smelling flowers in your bedroom, then definitely treat yourself and buy real flowers from time to time. It will add immense color and character to the room and give a renewed, relaxed feeling anytime you step into your bedroom.


Any time you can incorporate lace into your cottagecore bedroom design, you should. It’s charming and whimsical and cozy and elegant all at once. There’s no standard for the amount of lace you should use. Perhaps you just want a small lace decor feature on your nightstand, or you want to use as much as possible for window treatment, bedding, or anything else. You could even pair lace bedding with a linen sheet set or a personalized pillow to keep your room cool as can be.

Vintage Fabrics and Wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper is a great way to give off serious cottagecore vibes. You don’t have to paper all four walls of your bedroom; one accent wall with the wallpaper of your choice is quite pleasing to the eye. In addition to wallpaper, decorate with vintage fabrics like duvet covers, pillowcases, and throw pillows. Think of something you would find in your grandmother's home or at a cottage rental.

These suggestions really only scratch the surface of all there is when it comes to creating a cottagecore look. Take your time, do a little research, and create your dream cottagecore bedroom.


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