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How to Create a Professional Look With Leggings

Although at first glance the idea of wearing leggings to work or in any professional environment might seem casual, it actually is possible to wear this piece in a polished way. It all comes down to how you incorporate leggings into your outfit, what other pieces you wear with the leggings, and how you accessorize the overall look. If the idea of wearing leggings to work appeals to you—and why wouldn’t it when they’re so comfy?—then let us show you all the ways you can create a professional look with this fashion trend.

Wear Leggings With a Dress

If you have a pair of leggings that look and feel more like tights or stockings than leggings made with a thicker fabric, consider wearing them with a cute, short dress. This look works especially well in the fall when you’re not quite ready to retire your favorite summer sundress or cotton dress. You can keep showing off your go-to wardrobe item and keep your legs warm with a pair of leggings. If you’re wearing the leggings/dress combo in the fall, finish the look with a pair of ankle boots or mid-calf boots in a neutral color.

Wear a Second Layer on Top

A suede jacket in the fall. A denim jacket in the spring. A blazer any time of year. If you really want to sharpen up a professional outfit that includes leggings, add a second layer on top. If you decide to wear a top like a T-shirt or a blouse that you tuck into the leggings, make sure you have a second, longer layer like a smart-looking blazer. If you can get away with creating a more casual look in the workplace, wear an oversized white tee with a denim jacket.

Go Long and Loose on Top

Consider a long flannel shirt or a tunic top. In chillier weather, you can opt for an oversized, chunky knit sweater instead. During the spring or summer, you can make a flowy, colorful blouse the highlight of your outfit by pairing it with some simple, solid-colored leggings when wearing them to work.

Shoes Matter

Since leggings are an inherently casual article of clothing, you need to find ways to dress them up in the workplace: the shoes you wear are going to matter. Finish the look with a pair of shoes that coordinate nicely with the rest of the outfit and even have a bit of that “wow” factor. For example, instead of slipping on your pair of go-to ballet flats, opt for a pair of colorful pointed heels that go well with a sharp blazer and a cute clutch purse. If you are thinking of wearing boots with leggings and a stylish top, look for ankle boots with a stiletto heel or mid-calf boots with a chunky heel. You can also use this opportunity to debut shoes that make a fashion statement, such as anything with funky designs, patterns, or other ornamental features.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Coordinate leggings with colorful tops, stylish shoes, and all the right accessories. This is where you really get to have fun. You can totally switch up an outfit simply by experimenting with different accessories. If you are wearing a short-sleeve, oversized T-shirt, accessorize with wrist wear like a beautiful watch of fun bangles. Don’t forget to think about the purse or bag you will pair with the outfit. Is it a more casual yet trendy leggings look? Then consider carrying a canvas tote bag or a day backpack. Is it a flashier or more professional look with a snazzy blazer and high heels? Then add a midsize tote or a gorgeous clutch purse.

The wonderful thing about incorporating leggings into your workplace attire is that there are limitless possibilities. Wearing leggings to the office gives you the chance to play around with different outfits and experiment with your own personal style.


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