How to Create a Cottagecore Look for Women

How to Create a Cottagecore Look for Women

One of our favorite trends is cottagecore—an aesthetic inspired by simplicity and rural living. There are many ways to interpret this trend, but no matter how you wear it, you’ll find it a comfortable, flattering fashion style for every body type. Check out these tips for creating a women’s cottagecore look that’s stylish and comfortable:

Women’s Cottagecore Apparel

When creating a cottagecore look, there are some clothing items to consider. One key piece that belongs in any cottagecore wardrobe is the floral-print dress. An ankle-length wrap dress made from lightweight cotton is one option. Tiered maxi dresses for women are another style that’s ideal for this look.

Cotton/modal tiered maxi dresses have a light, floaty look and feel. Choose one of these dresses in a floral print; if you opt for a solid color, keep it soft and light. White, light blue, and blush pink are three examples of colors that fit well into this fashion style. These dresses come in sleeveless styles, so they’re excellent for warm days. If you want to wear one when it’s cool, slip into a cardigan sweater in a complementary color.

Shirt dresses can also be worked into a cottagecore wardrobe. Cotton chambray is a soft, breathable fabric for summer that’s also in line with this trend. Another is cotton poplin, which comes in country-inspired prints, including stripes and plaids. Both of these dresses pair well with cardigan sweaters. When it comes to shoes, slip into earth-toned sandals for a complementary look.

Women’s skirts are another option when putting together a cottagecore look. Tiered maxis and long prairie skirts are ideal, although any light, flowing skirt works. Floral prints are most on-trend, although you can also opt for soft solid colors. Even earth tones can be integrated into a cottagecore outfit—especially during the fall.

If you prefer women’s blouses and pants, there are plenty of options. Start with a pair of khaki or taupe slacks in a relaxed fit, and add a silky blouse. One option is a polyester crepe blouse with a bow tie at the neck, or you can opt for a cotton button-down shirt. Look for a button-down with a delicate floral print, or choose a color inspired by the beauty of nature.

When it comes to creating this look, details are crucial. In addition to floral prints, look for tops, dresses, and skirts with ruffles and bows. Eyelet lace is another detail that’s definitely cottagecore. Necklines can also make a difference; look for off-the-shoulder necklines and stylish square necklines. Even high-neck blouses and turtlenecks can be part of a cottagecore outfit, especially when paired with a prairie skirt and slouchy brown boots.

Cottagecore Accessories

This aesthetic is relatively simple—you don’t need a lot of accessories to make it work. However, you can dress up a cottagecore outfit with a large straw hat and matching bag. These pieces aren’t just for fashion’s sake—they’re also practical. An oversized hat protects you against UV rays, while the tote can be used to gather herbs from the garden or collect fresh flowers.

Jewelry isn’t a big part of this look, but if you want to add sparkle, you can wear small, subtle pieces. A ribbon in your hair or hair scarf makes an excellent accessory for any cottagecore outfit. You could even accessorize with lace-trimmed socks or a pair of lacy tights.

The simplicity of this aesthetic is part of its appeal. Often, you’ll find that apparel details—such as lacy trim or ruffles—are enough to add visual interest to your outfit. Prints are also integral to this look. Along with florals, you can work plaids, paisleys, and even polka dots into your wardrobe.

Cottagecore Décor

Bring the cottagecore look to your surroundings with country décor. In the kitchen, this might mean a copper kettle and wood utensils. The living room can be enhanced with cozy plaid or floral throw blankets and decorative pillows. Create a cottagecore style in the bedroom with floral-print or gingham bedding and a natural fiber rug. Add seagrass baskets to the living room and bedroom for rustic storage that’s as fashionable as it is practical.

Cottagecore Activities

If you want to take this trend further, try some cottagecore-inspired activities. Gardening and baking are two excellent examples, but you can also take things in a more relaxing direction with a picnic in a grassy meadow. Picking apples and going on hayrides are two more examples of activities that fit into this aesthetic. Even an outdoor watercolor painting session can be considered cottagecore—especially when you’re wearing a ruffled cotton dress while creating your masterpiece.

There are many ways to make the cottagecore trend your own. You can go all-out with a head-to-toe cottagecore look or keep things limited to one or two pieces. There’s no wrong way to wear this style, so have fun with it!

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