How to Choose a Pair of Men’s Jeans

How to Choose a Pair of Men’s Jeans

Shopping for men’s jeans doesn’t have to feel like a tough task. Instead, it can be fun and even looked at as an opportunity to get a new favorite pair of men’s pants!

Jeans are already a favorite for many people because of their comfortable nature, the fact that wear and tear barely show up on the sturdy fabric, and because of their versatile nature—they look just as good on date night as they do when worn outside during an afternoon spent gardening.

Picking the right pair of jeans is important. And by going about the jean-buying process correctly, you’ll be more likely to find your new favorite pair of pants. Here’s how to choose a pair of men’s jeans.

Get The Right Length

When shopping for jeans, you want to make sure they’re long enough to wear with any of the shoes in your closet—your athletic sneakers, your men’s boots, and even your dress shoes. The length of your jeans is crucial: you don’t want your socks sticking out when you sit, and it’s also nice to have the option to cuff your jeans for a different kind of look.

In other words, while it’s nice for men’s dress pants to rise up to show off your dress socks when you sit down, the same can not be said for a pair of blue jeans. So, when trying on your jeans, take a seat in the dressing room and make sure your pant leg doesn’t ride up too much. A little bit of ankle is okay, but you don’t want your whole lower leg on display.

Think About the Waist

When wearing your new jeans, you don’t want to be stuck in a pair that feels too tight or too loose around your waist. Instead, when trying on jeans, make sure you can easily get them on (but they aren’t too big) and make sure they give your waist some breathing room (but are also big enough to allow you to tuck men’s t-shirts into). You’ll also want to make sure the jeans can stay up with or without your favorite men’s belt—you don’t want to be caught in sagging jeans that only stay up when you fasten your belt over them.

In the end, when choosing jeans, go with the pants measurements that you always use. That way, you’ll be wearing jeans that flatter and fit you.

Decide if You Want Stretch

Most pairs of jeans have at least a little bit of stretch—but the amount of stretch changes greatly from style to style and store to store. When trying on jeans, decide if stretch is right for you. If that's the case, decide on how much stretch you want your jeans to have. Jeans with some added stretch are great for doing yard work or for a pair of jeans you plan to wear on long walks throughout your neighborhood. Stiffer, no-stretch jeans, can be a great pick for a dressier pair of pants that you wear to the office with your go-to men’s button-down oxford.

Make sure you try on a few different pairs of jeans with different amounts of stretch to see what pair is best for you.

Decide on a Style

Men’s jeans come in many different styles. You can choose from colors in a dark wash, a light wash, or even jeans in shades like black and white. Beyond the color, jeans come in fitted styles, bootcut styles, or baggy styles, that fit different body types differently. And even beyond fit, you can choose jeans that have some light distressing, ripped jeans, or jeans that look pressed and ready for an, albeit casual, meeting.

When picking out a pair of jeans, it’s important to think about all of these factors before you buy. Do you want a pair of dark, fitted jeans? Or would you rather have a light-colored pair of work jeans that you can wear when doing yard work? Make sure you decide on your desired jean style before making the purchase. This way, you’ll leave the store with your dream jeans in hand.

In the End, Pick Something You Love

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for jeans is that these are your jeans, and you should feel comfortable in your clothing. Make sure you choose a pair of men’s jeans that are comfortable, fit your style, and go with other items in your closet. Even if you’re shopping with an opinionated partner or friend, you want to get jeans that you love (not jeans that they love). Otherwise, you’ll never wear these great jeans that you shopped for. Happy shopping!


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