How to Choose Capri Pants That Fit

How to Choose Capri Pants That Fit

Capri pants can be one of the most versatile, comfortable and flattering styles for women, if they know how to find a pair that fits properly. We love to wear capris all spring and into summer because of their unique design, striking the perfect balance between pants and shorts. Shopping for capri pants should not be approached the same way as shopping for pants, as tempting as that may be. When shopping for capri pants that fit, there are several important factors to keep in mind that will help you to identify the perfect style, shape, and color for you. Here’s our guide to choosing capri pants that fit.

What Are Capri Pants?

We love capri pants for their easygoing style, giving a fun-loving and casual air to any outfit we wear and making certain looks really pop. Capri pants can be any pants that fall somewhere between the knee and the ankle. Generally, they tend to fall about mid-calf, highlighting the ankle.

When to Wear Capris

Before we dive into how to shop for capris, let’s figure out when the best time is to wear them. Capris are an ideal pant for the spring or summer, allowing you to cover up your legs while still allowing them to breathe, especially helpful during warmer temperatures. Capri pants are perfect for a casual day at the park or a summer event with family and friends. They can also be dressed up and worn to work or a nicer occasion when paired with a formal shirt and shoes. They’re also wonderful to wear as women's workout leggings, for anything from running to yoga. Their shorter length makes them a little more breathable than long pants or leggings, showing off the lower calf and ankle in warmer temperatures. Capri pants are also a wonderful choice for women who want to wear shorter pants in the warmer months, but may have knee issues or varicose veins they’d like to cover up. Capris are a wonderful middle ground for anyone looking to lighten up their look but still keep things modest.

Cropped Pants or Capris?

Here’s a simple trick to figure out the difference between cropped pants and capris: all capris are cropped pants, but not all cropped pants are capris. Still confused? Let’s go into further detail. Cropped pants are any pants that hit above the ankle, and are very flattering for nearly any wearer. Many cropped pants indeed hit right around here, showing off a sliver of the ankle and the top of whatever footwear you’re wearing. Capris, on the other hand, tend to be shorter, hitting around mid-calf, making them a little more appropriate for warmer temperatures than your average cropped pants.

Finding the Right Fit for Capris

When shopping for capris, it’s important to keep in mind your own measurements and body type. Some say that petite women should not wear capri pants, but we beg to differ. Those with shorter legs may struggle to find capris that fit properly, or that are flattering for their bodies. Luckily, Lands’ End makes petite capris, so women with shorter proportions can enjoy all the benefits of capri pants as well. For petite women we recommend trying a pair of high-waisted capri pants, which help to elongate the figure and make legs look sky-high. For taller women, capri pants can also be hard to find and style. Not to fear, tall ladies: Lands’ End makes tall capri pants as well!

What to Wear with Capris

Capris can be worn with just about anything, but we have a few opinions about what looks best. If your capris are flared, try pairing them with a form-fitting top, which adds dimension to your look and brings out the best in both pieces. For form-fitting capris, try a looser women's blouse, like a statement tunic or button-down shirt, which is super flattering with tighter pants. As far as footwear, capri pants benefit from a shoe that emphasizes the ankle and thinner part of the leg. A minimalist sandal is a great choice, or a ballet flat, which shows off the elegance of the lower leg and foot. An ankle boot when it’s still a little cold out is a fun choice to pair with capri pants, as they draw attention to the ankle and calf, and have an overall slimming effect on the body. Try not to cuff your capris, as it takes away from this effect and makes the cuffed section of the leg look thicker than it really is.

These tips should help you find a pair of capri pants that’s perfect for you—no matter your age, size, and style preference. We’re pretty sure your capri pants will end up becoming a wardrobe favorite this spring and summer. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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