How to Celebrate Pride in Style

How to Celebrate Pride in Style

Pride Month is observed every year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riots. The first Pride parade took place the following year in New York City, marking the first anniversary of the historical event. Today’s celebrations have expanded to include a wide variety of events and activities. From picnics and workshops to parties and concerts, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Pride. Fashion has always played a central role in the festivities. It’s a way for celebrants to show off and celebrate their most authentic selves. If you’re heading to a Pride event this summer, it’s a great opportunity to play with your style. From rainbow colors to eclectic accessories, there’s plenty of fun to be had dressing for Pride. Here’s a guide on how to do so in style.

Brighten Your Wardrobe

The rainbow flag was created in 1978 and has been an international symbol of the LGBTQIA+ community ever since. The colors represent the diversity of the community and are sported proudly every June. There are different variants of the flag, but the most common consists of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. If you have any of these colors in your wardrobe, now’s the time to break them out. For a chic, modern look, wear two or three bold colors together for an eye-catching color block effect. Pink and red make a great combination, for example, as do yellow, green, and blue.

If you shy away from too many bright colors, you can rep the rainbow on your outfit instead. Pride clothing is readily available and almost always features the symbol in the design. Wearing a graphic t-shirt of a historical figure or LGBTQIA+ icon is another stylish way to dress for Pride. Clothing that features a meaningful quote or activist slogan works too. If you’re in the market for new pieces, shop where it matters. There are plenty of brands that give back and businesses run by the LGBTQIA+ community to support.

Customize Your Look

Since Pride is all about expressing your true self, it’s the perfect time to get creative. If you don’t have anything Pride-worthy in your wardrobe or you’re on a budget, DIY is a great solution. Making your own clothing and accessories is a fun experience to share with friends and family. You can host your own t-shirt design party, for example. All you need is a couple of plain white men’s or women’s t-shirts and some stencils, markers, and paint. You can also tie-dye your t-shirts with buckets, water, dyes, and rubber bands.

Jewelry is another stylish way to customize your Pride look. You can create earrings and necklaces with just a few tools and some findings and beads. Braiding leather or twine into bracelets and anklets is another way to go. Gather what you need and invite your loved ones over for a craft night. When planning your Pride outfits, don’t forget about the shoes. Comfy footwear is a must if you’re attending a march or parade. A pair of plain white sneakers provides another blank canvas for a unique DIY piece. Just be sure to go for a cushioned pair that’s durable and, if you can break them in before event day.

Play With Accessories

Colorful accessories are a must-have for creating stylish outfits this June. Since Pride falls in the summer, most events are held outdoors. You’ll need a reliable bag to carry a few essentials to keep you comfy and cool. You won’t want to leave home without your sunscreen and a water bottle, for example. Whether you prefer a backpack or a canvas tote bag, don't skip the style on this must-have accessory. Choose one with rainbow colors to rep the LGBTQIA+ flag. If your favorite bag is a neutral, dress it up with a colorful bandana or scarf. Caps and sunglasses are other fun ways to bring the Pride colors into your look.

Makeup is also a stylish way to enhance your Pride outfit. Sparkly eyeshadows, pigmented liners, and bright lipsticks can be used to create a range of rainbow-inspired looks. There are plenty of online tutorials for inspiration and techniques. You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional makeup, though. Think wigs, nail polish, body glitter, stick-on embellishments, and temporary tattoos. Plus, you can have plenty of fun with face and body paint, which you can use to add designs and symbols. Host a pre-Pride party, invite your closest friends, and have fun experimenting with different designs.

Whether you shop for your outfit or create it from scratch, there are plenty of fun and easy ways to celebrate Pride in style. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your look, as this is a time of celebrating authenticity and acceptance. The Pride Collection at Lands’ End has everything you need to create comfortable, stylish outfits for every Pride event. Browse the collection for outfit inspiration or treat yourself to something new.


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