How to Celebrate Father’s Day Virtually in 2023

How to Celebrate Father’s Day Virtually in 2023

Celebrating Father’s Day virtually is a great option for 2023. Planning a virtual celebration can be just as simple as coordinating an in-person event and, with a little creativity, can also be just as rewarding and fun. Whether your dad lives far away and travel isn’t an option, or you simply prefer to keep this virtual this year, the tips and suggestions below will help you plan a celebration that’ll make your dad feel special and loved. Of course, you can feel free to tailor the suggestions below based on your dad’s interests and overall vibe, since no two dads are exactly alike (well, aside from the fact that none of them want you touching the thermostat).

Read on for the inspiration you need to make 2023 the best (virtual) Father’s Day ever.

Send a Fun Invitation

The first step in planning your virtual Father’s Day is to send out an email invitation. Pick a time, day, and theme in advance so you can ensure your dad and everyone else on the guest list gets excited from the moment they open the invite, and so they have a visual on the day and time to add to their calendars. The theme idea you choose should really be inspired by the gifts, activities, and snacks you have in mind, or you can base it on your dad’s favorite things.

Be sure to include a link to the conference call in the invite, so guests can easily click into this email to access the meeting/party room!

Plan Your Gift in Advance

In keeping with the first step, planning your Father’s Day gifts in advance is key when planning your event. First, you’ll want to order your gift and select a shipping time that ensures it’ll arrive on the day of the event (most likely Father’s Day, which is Sunday, June 20th this year!). Don’t stress if it’ll be a day or two before, because you can simply ask your dad not to peek until the day of the event.

Second, pick a gift that’s in theme for the virtual gathering. For example, if you want to have a BBQ-themed virtual party, gift your dad a new men’s polo shirt and maybe a BBQ cookbook or a seasoning gift set that’ll get him ready to grill in style all summer long.

Another fun idea would be a lazy Sunday-themed party, especially since Father’s Day falls on a Sunday. No matter your dad’s age or interests, he’ll love a new men’s robe that he can throw over his clothes during the event or a replacement for that same pair of men’s sweatpants.

Of course, you’ll want to also show up in your best loungewear or fave comfy pajamas and tell any additional guests to do the same to really get into the theme.

Choose Activities to Fit the Theme

Once you have your theme determined, plan a few activities in advance that go along with the idea. Virtual calls can become a bit boring if there are no activities, so this part is essential in making the call feel special.

If your dad enjoys games, find a site you can all access that has online card games or trivia games. Say you want to go this route and stick with the backyard summer BBQ theme, then coordinate snacks and drinks that go with this, like a bowl of BBQ chips and umbrella cocktails or mocktails. You can include these ideas in your invitation so everyone on the call is prepared. From there, simply enjoy the online games while everyone sips and snacks along.

If you like the idea of a lazy Sunday theme, pick something laid-back like a movie screening. You can pick your dad’s favorite classic flick and tell everyone on the invite where to stream it, and then set your laptop up in the room where you’ll be watching the film. Popcorn could be a perfect snack idea here, or you could even surprise your dad by having his favorite pizza or Sunday meal delivered to his house during the party. Your dad will love relaxing with his family near and far in his favorite comfy men’s loungewear.

Include a Special Surprise

You can easily make the virtual event feel even more special with a coordinated surprise. Tell all of the guests coming to the party to print photos of your dad they can hang in the frame of the conference call, or have your kiddos paint a Father’s Day sign they can hold up at the end of the call. You can get creative here, but the idea is to have something a little extra and fun lined up to make your dad feel even more special.

If you follow the tips above and tailor them to really fit your family’s style and your dad’s interests, we’re sure your virtual event will be a success. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!


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