How to care for your swimsuits

How to care for your swimsuits.

Once you find your perfect swimsuit you’re going to want it to last longer than that bottle of sunscreen. Buying a bikini, tankini top, or one-piece swimsuit every single year can be exciting once swim season starts up, but we want to make sure we’re not throwing our money to the wind without the proper care. Here are a few helpful tips in order to get the most life for your new favorite swimwear.

Rinse baby, rinse!

Rinse your one-piece swimsuit as soon as you’re done swimming, sunbathing, or playing some beach volleyball. We’re not saying you should bid farewell to all your friends and head home just to wash it off. Don’t be too worried. Once you’re home you can fill up your sink or small tub with cool water and submerge the suit to get all the preliminary oils, sand, and sunscreen out. Take the suit out, empty the water, refill the sink or tub, and add a small amount of gentle laundry detergent, neutral soap, or vinegar. Use your hands to press the soap in. Let soak for 30 minutes. Do not wring! Rinse with cool water again. Lay flat on a drying rack.

Pro tip:

if you’re not going to be able to clean your swimsuit any time soon then you can hop in a shower just to get that initial “rinse cycle” completed. It won’t get everything out, but it’s better than setting it aside before you get home from that lake retreat.

Let’s say you don’t want to spend an hour tending to the care of your swimsuit…

You’re busy and you hear all the time about how to properly care for your suit. Is there an easier way? It will get the job done, but grab (or invest in) a mesh bag so that your precious swimwear doesn’t get harmed in the washing machine. This will help protect it further. This is the perfect time to clean your other sensitive garments too. The gentlest cycle on a cold water setting is best. Worried about your laundry detergent being too harsh? Try vinegar. After the wash, lay flat on drying rack. The washer and dryer made a pact years ago and our delicates are their most common victims, so just be a little cautious.

Here are some things NOT to do:

Don’t wring out a swimsuit.

Don’t use bleach or powder detergents.

Don’t use the dryer.

Don’t use hot water.

Don’t use a hot setting on a hair dryer (a cooler setting is better, but air dry is always recommended.)

Don’t be worried! You look exactly the way summer intended!


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