How to Buy a Petite Swimsuit

How to Buy a Petite Swimsuit

The right petite swimsuit can make your day (and even your summer!). If you're sweet and petite and in need of suiting up, let’s make sure that you look great and feel comfy doing so. Here are some tips to get you started.

Fit is Everything

If you're petite, you already know this. Chances are you have had your fair share of clothing hemmed over the years and have occasionally pushed up those sweater sleeves pretending that they fit right. The great news is that retailers now realize that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes (including petite!). It never hurts to be good with a needle and thread or know a good alterations person, but these should be your contingency plans. You deserve great clothing that fits from the first time you pull it on. Don’t worry, Lands’ End is the expert at meeting the swimwear needs of petite women.

Start by knowing “where you're petite." Is your height evenly distributed? Are you more average, but short-waisted? How about those cute legs—are they more on the petite or average length? When you're buying a petite swimsuit you're buying a garment to fit the areas of your body covered by the suit. This is why when buying one-piece swimsuits, even “average” women who are short-waisted can often benefit from a petite size. However your lovely frame lines up, we have you covered.

Early Bird Shopping is Easiest

Swimsuit shopping shouldn’t feel rushed. It should be fun! Finding the right suit is like going shopping for spring sandals. It means that sun and fun are coming your way. You may find the perfect petite swimsuit with the first one you try on, but especially if you're planning a vacation and need a new suit or are just getting ready for summer, give yourself a bit of time. You will want to experiment to see what fits best and is the most flattering to you. Start by measuring your current curves and looking closely at size charts. If you're buying online, make sure that you choose a retailer with a great return policy (like ours) in case you need to try a different size.

One-Piece Wonders

One-piece bathing suits can be great. They are an easy “pull on one garment and be done” solution, they can be as modest as you prefer, and they are easy to pair with shorts and a T-shirt for an easy transition to the beach or the pool. They also must fit. When trying on a one-piece suit, make sure that it's comfortable and not baggy anywhere. Fabric that's a little baggy when it's dry can look even baggier when wet (and may not give you the coverage that you need to feel comfortable). A swimsuit should skim your body while not feeling too tight or too loose while allowing you to move comfortably whether you're swimming, reaching for a cool drink at the beach, or bending over to access your beach bag.

Treat Yourself to a Two-Piece

Why not try a two-piece? Some of us worry about comfy coverage with a two-piece suit, but the tankini takes this into account. The ease of choosing two different pieces (even in two different sizes if that's what your lovely frame needs), mixed with the fun options of choosing different colored tops and bottoms make this a great choice. If you're mixing and matching, just be careful about patterns. It's much easier to pair a patterned top with a black or solid colored bottom than to mix two patterns.

Cute Cover-Up Ideas

You will want to coordinate your beach cover-up with your swimsuit. White is a classic option as it's cool-looking and won’t clash with any color you choose for your swimsuit. If you prefer a neutral-colored petite swimsuit, maybe a pop color would be a fun departure. Why not get creative? Petite skirts and skorts can play double duty as beach cover-ups when paired with a T-shirt or even a long-sleeved white blouse to give you style with a bit more sun protection.

T-shirt dresses and caftans are nice options for beach cover-ups, too. They have that comfy flow that's oh-so-nice at the beach. And if you're careful about water and sand, you can go from the beach to the boardwalk to an evening out. If you opt for something floor-length, make sure it's proportioned for your frame. Petite dresses are ideal because they already are cut right, but average-sized dresses might work (with or without hemming) depending upon the style.

For the petite swimwear that will suit you best, check out Lands’ End today.


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