How to Build the Perfect Snowman

How to Build the Perfect Snowman

Don’t you love snowy weather? It’s beautiful and a treat to play in, too. If you or the little ones in your life love to play in the snow, here are some tips to help you build the perfect snowman.

Bundle Up the Kids

Playing in the snow is only fun if you stay warm and dry. Make sure the little ones have warm kids’ winter coats as well as kids’ winter boots before they head out into the wintery white. And don’t forget a good hat! Mittens are warmer than gloves because the fingers are next to each other, and more body heat gets trapped in them. Conveniently, mittens are also great for forming snowballs and packing snow while making a snowman. And snow pants and bibs are excellent for keeping them cozy and making sure that the fun lasts as long as possible.

Bundle Up the Adults

Sometimes we get so busy bundling the kids up from head to toe that we overlook the importance of doing the same thing for ourselves. A warm down winter coat with a hat, gloves and winter snow boots are in order, along with a hat and gloves. You don’t want to be the grown-up who spoils the fun by getting your feet wet and needing to go back inside when the snowman is half made.

Roll the Bottom, Middle, and Head of the Snowman

For a traditional snowman, you’ll want to start by rolling a large snowball while packing the snow as tightly as possible. This does require “wet snow.” When you have extremely dry snow, you may need to stick to other activities like sledding, making snow angels, or running around and making snow tracks.

Once you have the bottom of the snowman made, start working on the middle part and then the head. Unless you have big kids, you will probably need an adult to help attach the middle and the head to the snowman.

What About Snow Friends and Snow Pets?

A snowman is great, but what about a snow woman, snow kids, or snow pets? Be creative and have fun with this! A traditional snowman “suit” consists of a hat and coal or something that looks like coal for the eyes, buttons, and mouth. Finally, you need a carrot for a nose. Look around your home and see what you could add to change these up if you like. Maybe a snow woman wears a different hat than the snow kids, for example. Making snow dogs and snow cats can be a bit tricky because of the legs, but why not try? The perfect snowman (or woman, kid, or pet) is the one you enjoy making with those you love.

Share the Fun

Once your snow creations are complete, take some snow selfies with them! They will make great memories, and loved ones far away will enjoy seeing them on email or social media. Especially if you have snow creations that are taller than the little ones, make sure to capture that. You’ll love looking at them for years to come. If you live in the snowy North or happen to have well-timed snow, you might even use the pics as part of a holiday letter or holiday card for this year (or next!). If you are into DIY Christmas decorations, consider keeping a photo to make into a tree decoration that you can enjoy year after year. And don’t be concerned if your snow creations and their artists look a bit worse for wear from all this snow play. The smiles on your faces will tell the whole story.

Warm Back Up

When you’re done, get inside and get dry right away. Have some beach towels ready in the mudroom or entryway to help everyone get out of their snowy gear and get comfy. Especially for the little ones, have dry clothes at the ready or put them into a warm bubble bath and then have them put on their pajamas afterward. Have some cocoa ready to go, too. It’s the perfect drink for a snowy day, and the crew will be ready for something hot and tasty.

A fire in the fireplace and some cozy blankets are also a nice choice for post snowman activities. If the group is up for it, consider a board game or perhaps a relaxing movie that everyone will enjoy. If you don’t have a fireplace (or even if you do) light some candles or light some flameless candles to create even more coziness. Maybe toasting marshmallows and making s’mores would be fun (you can do this over candles or over a fireplace).

Remember, the perfect snowman is the one you enjoy making. So, when the wintery white hits, get out there and have some fun!


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