How to Bring the Coastal Grandma Aesthetic Into Your Home

How to Bring the Coastal Grandma Aesthetic Into Your Home

The coastal grandma aesthetic is a cool blend of elegance, simplicity, and style. Let’s look at some easy ways to bring the coastal grandma aesthetic into your home.

Simple Elegance

The coastal grandma aesthetic is like mixing an appreciation for the beach with comfy, high-quality surroundings and a touch of minimalism. Think of the Diane Keaton character from the movie “Something’s Gotta Give.” Her character lived on beautiful oceanfront property and wore gorgeous all-white outfits like casual pants with women’s sweaters (that looked like she just threw them on), and collected rocks that she found on the beach for décor.

A few simple touches can help you create this vibe in your home.

White Décor

Adding white is one of the easiest ways to bring the coastal grandma aesthetic into your home. There’s no need for a complete redecorating project. Simple touches like a white (or winter white) fleece throw tossed across your sofa or adding a white slipcover to your sofa or an easy chair will do the trick. If you already have white cabinets or bookcases, show them off by decluttering them so you can see more of their hue. This will give you a beautiful clean look while making it easier to find things. When you're thinking of adding new furniture or décor items, from photo frames to baskets to artwork, consider white.

One of the advantages of white is that it is easy to create with a little fabric or paint. If you like DIY projects, this is an easy one. Are you tired of some storage baskets or photo frames that you have in other colors? Check out some online videos and buy a little spray paint, and you can create a collection of white decor items for your home. The fact that they are all white will also unite shapes and styles that might not work together otherwise.

In addition to décor, why not add some comfy white or winter-white garments to your wardrobe? An oversized white tunic sweater in a big, chunky knit will be on trend and have that grandma coastal vibe you love. From activewear to women’s dresses, all-white is an easy and sophisticated look.


An appreciation for natural light is a key piece to creating your home's coastal grandma vibe. As much as possible, you want to bring the outdoors indoors. Keep windows unobstructed by furniture and employ window treatments that allow you to open up your rooms to the maximum amount of sunlight possible. White window treatments are a great option as they will help to create a light and airy look for your home. Keep wall colors and storage baskets and bins light, too. Light neutrals (especially white on white) work well with the coastal grandma aesthetic.

If you live in a cold climate where there is plenty of snow (such as Wisconsin), take advantage of the winter white outside your windows to bring in the sunlight. A snowy landscape will brighten the natural light in your home while giving you the view of a winter wonderland.

Natural Elements

This is one of the most fun parts of bringing the coastal grandma aesthetic into your home. Do you enjoy collecting things like seashells, rocks, or pretty driftwood? Just a few of these touches will go a long way to creating the coastal grandma vibe, and they are usually free. If you like this idea but are not a collector, consider going to your local craft store and buying some pretty natural rocks and a glass container to display them. Make sure to keep a minimalist look while you do this. One lovely piece to gaze upon is all you need on an end table or coffee table. Cut flowers in glass vases are another way to enjoy this vibe while brightening up your home. For holiday decorations, consider focusing on natural-looking greenery and white candles for a beautiful and festive look.

Spa-Like Touches

There is an element of everyday luxury in the coastal grandma aesthetic. Bedrooms and bathrooms are great areas in which to create this. Consider adding white bedding such as down comforters and duvet covers, white throw pillows, and rich white hand towels and bath towels to your home. For an instant upgrade, have your sheets and towels monogrammed.

If it’s been a while since you have bought flannel pajamas or a new robe, think of treating yourself to these everyday luxuries in white or a light neutral. Make sure that you have a nice pair of women’s slippers to keep your feet toasty warm all winter, too. It’s amazing how the simple things in life can feel the most luxurious.

With a few intentional touches, you can bring the coastal grandma aesthetic into your home. Have fun with this trend!


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