How do You Accessorize an Outfit for Spring Season?

How do You Accessorize an Outfit for Spring Season?

If you’re like most women who live in an area with four seasons, you likely rotate your wardrobe twice a year: once in the fall and winter and once as spring turns into summer. This involves moving your clothes out of drawers and closets and replacing them with whatever wardrobe pieces the next season has in store.

Timing is everything when it comes to this task, as Mother Nature doesn’t always follow the Gregorian calendar. Come springtime, you may find yourself having to wear winter clothes one day but summer clothes another. When your mind says spring but the temperatures outside still say winter, some simple accessories can turn any outfit into a spring outfit. Here’s what you need.

The Perfect Purse

Sometimes it just takes one item to make any outfit pop. Let’s say you want to fly under the radar in basic black one day, but there’s a small part of you that smells the lilacs blooming and hears the birds chirping. Having a pastel-colored or floral clutch you can grab on your way out the door can be a great way to accessorize for spring. It is handy to have these types of purses in your collection if you haven’t yet brought out your spring wardrobe.


When it comes to accessories, jewelry is one of the top things that come to mind for most women. If you have to pick one piece of jewelry to make an impact on your wardrobe, a necklace is typically what gets noticed the most. The right necklace can truly transform a wardrobe. In fact, if you wore the same shirt two days in a row, but wore a different necklace both days, it’s questionable whether anyone would even notice. A long necklace can make something as simple as a T-shirt dress look fancy, while a shorter statement necklace can add something special to the neckline of a plainer top.

While springtime trends come and go, flowers and pastels are typically safe necklace trends, while gold and silver never go out of style. Just try to stay away from deep emerald greens and ruby reds for springtime, as those tend to work best during the winter. The same holds true with bracelets and earrings. Just make sure that if you’re wearing all three, that they all coordinate for the most part.

A Scarf

When combined with a white blouse, a lightweight or sheer scarf can be a great accessory to a spring outfit. If you leave the top few buttons of your blouse open and tie a short scarf around your neck, it can really make a cool fashion statement. You could also wrap one around your neck or your hairline, or simply tie one around your purse strap. Just stay away from thick, heavy, dark materials if you’re aiming for a spring look, as those are commonly associated with winter weather.


During springtime, the weather can be unpredictable. You might find yourself wanting to pull your strappy sandals out of hibernation one day and then put your winter boots back on the next. You can meet in the middle, however, with some flats or sneakers that will keep your feet warm but still let them breathe. Don’t hesitate to experiment with shoe colors—go pastel or vibrant depending on your mood and the season. Just because Mother Nature forgets it’s springtime doesn’t mean that you have to follow her rules. Be conscious of the weather forecast as well. You may want to have rain boots as part of your spring attire and simply pack some flats in your bag for work.

A Jacket

Even though the flowers are pushing their way out of the thawing earth, springtime can be quite chilly at times. If you need to have a jacket ready for chilly days or when it rains, make it do double duty by also acting as a fun accessory. For example, a women's raincoat can add a touch of color or sheen to an otherwise simple spring outfit. And even a fun color like yellow can look accomplished and put together if it is a trench-style raincoat. A matching umbrella can be a fun spring accessory, too.

As you can see, dressing for springtime doesn’t necessarily involve buying an entire spring wardrobe. It is more about choosing the right accessories to transform a winter look into springtime. Whether it’s a simple purse, piece of jewelry, a pair of vibrant heels, scarf, or jacket, you can easily accessorize a spring outfit in a way that fits your unique style.


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