How to Accessorize a Floral Dress

How to Accessorize a Floral Dress

The weather is finally warming up, and here we are, shedding our winter layers. What better outfit is there to welcome spring than a flowy feminine floral dress? The floral-patterned dress itself is tantamount to the spring season. Flirty and feminine, a floral dress can work in any spring or summer situation. For this reason, we tend to think of it as a warm-weather wardrobe staple. It is all of that and more. But is a floral dress for everyone? How do you appropriately style and accessorize a floral-patterned dress? Read on for tips and tricks on styling this dress with the right accessories to make your spring look really pop this year.

Mix and Match

Mixing patterns is in right now, and you can fully take advantage of the trend this season by pairing your floral dress with another favorite pattern. Wear a floral print dress with a colorful patterned fashion scarf tied in your hair, for example. Choose similar or complementary colors in your two patterns. When experimenting with various patterns, try to avoid floral on floral, as this might be overkill on the patterns.

Pick the Right Shoes

Your shoes can help you dress up or down in your floral print dress, depending on where you are wearing it. A short- or mid-length floral sundress worn with a pair of shiny black patent leather Chelsea Boots or Doc Martens is a fun twist on an otherwise very feminine style. You could wear the same short or mid-length floral sundress with dainty, delicate high heels and a gauzy shawl, and you are ready for an outdoor spring wedding or a romantic summer date night. Wear your floral dress with a pair of ballet flats for a sweet and dreamy look.


A light floral dress is perfect for a flowy layered look. For example, you can wear a spaghetti-strapped sundress over a cute and fitted white women’s T-shirt. Sport this endearing and youthful pairing under a denim jacket. You could also opt for a long, flowing floral maxi dress and pair that with an open, button-up linen shirt layered with a shawl or a scarf for a comfy-cool relaxed vibe.

The key to layering with an intricate pattern like floral is to choose neutrals, such as beige or white, for most of the layers and add one extra layer, such as a scarf, for a colorful pop to set off the tones in your floral. A floral mini dress is also a great option for bringing along on your beach trip to throw over your swimsuit. Also, do not forget your cardigan sweater for those cool, breezy summer nights.

Bracelets and Armbands

Warm weather is the time to bear arms. Use this opportunity to show off your bracelets or armbands. Layer lots of simple gold or silver bangles with your short-sleeved floral dress for a fun and musical vibe. For a fun boho look, wear a couple of bangles or armbands on your upper arm and pair these with a long, flowy floral maxi dress. For a more subtle, minimalist look, pair your floral dress with a single elegant tennis bracelet. Try to keep the colors and designs on your bracelets to a minimum, so as not to overpower your floral pattern.


No look is more feminine and lovely than a floral pattern with a scooped-out neckline and a pair of dangly tear-drop earrings. This is a classy and elegant way to show off your collar bone and elongate your neck. For a cap-sleeved floral dress, we recommend simple stud earrings. If going for that casual layered look, try some big, fun gold hoop earrings.


Add a simple, delicate gold or silver chain to any floral dress look to accentuate your neckline without taking away from the fun floral pattern. Pair your fit and flare floral dress with layers of strands of pearl necklaces for a classic and timeless accessorized look.

Anklets and Toe Rings

These accessories are certainly not everyday wear for most of us, but they bring such a unique and fun summery vibe to the table. If you are planning on spending time frolicking barefoot through lavender fields this spring or taking long, romantic walks on the beach this summer, these are the accessories for you.

Don’t forget about your hair, either. Stock up on silky patterned fashion scarves to tie your hair up in or add a silk flower to your updo. It won’t be spring forever—get out there and start accessorizing. Look and feel like a beautiful, fresh, and flower-filled Monet painting this spring in your fun and flirty florals.


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