How to Spot a Quality Pair of Jeans

How to Spot a Quality Pair of Jeans

You know it when you see it — that perfect pair of women's jeans that fits in all the right places and makes your outfit complete. It’s the pair you can count on to boost your confidence and be there for you for practically any occasion. There’s something about these jeans that makes them stand out from the standard models that fill the racks in your local stores. They aren’t made for just a mannequin or an abstract model from a design book. They are designed with your unique body type in mind, with careful consideration of height, stretch, and other requirements. Here’s how to spot a quality pair of jeans.

The Right Stuff

When it comes to picking a quality product, the material plays a large role. If you’re not buying a summer-weight jean, then anything under a 12-ounce weight is considered lower-quality. If you’re looking for a durable pair that can get you from fall to spring, then seek heavier materials over 12 ounces. Anything over 14 ounces can feel overly rigid, but can be well-suited for rugged work jeans. Since heavier jeans don’t have much flexibility, choose a relaxed or boyfriend fit, and make sure they are not too tight for the sake of mobility.

If you want more stretch, look for denim that integrates spandex with its material. When shopping online, read the product descriptions to see if the material is light, medium, or heavy, and make sure there is a stretch if you desire a tighter fit. The easiest way to tell is to look at the listing of materials and to see if it is 100% cotton or a cotton/spandex blend. Do you need something that fits like jeans but feels like leggings? Then try a pair of jeggings instead!

Rise and Shine

Low, mid, or high — which rise suits your body type and design needs? The pair of jeans that will have the highest value for you will give you consistently great results every time you wear it. A pair that flatters your waistline will ensure a quality fit.

Mid-rise sits below the waist, low-rise goes a bit lower than mid-rise, and high-waisted sits at the natural waist, right below the belly button. Try each rise to see which one gives you the most attractive silhouette with clean lines from your hips to your ankles.

Quality Time

When you’re shopping through a rack of jeans, you may come across ones with loose stitching around the hems and pockets. This is one sign of a bad pair of jeans. When the work looks rushed and fragile, the jeans are not designed to stand the test of time. This kind of poor work is often associated with trendy jeans that are only made to last a season or two before they become loose and lose their shape. But a good pair of jeans will have durable, secure stitching throughout. Examine how well the jeans have been tailored, and look out for any pieces of thread that “pop” out. If the garment looks like it won’t last a few washes before fraying, you’re better off not buying it.

Looking Good

Good jeans also use a bit of styling strategy to give you an ultra-flattering look. For example, pocket placement and size are crucial to minimize or enhance the derrière. If you need jeans that enhance your curves, select a pair that has smaller pockets placed higher and close together.

High-waisted jeans draw attention to the smallest part of the natural waist to create a classic figure that lasts beyond fleeting trends, while ultra-low rise jeans can lack the support needed to tuck in shirts or stay on without wardrobe malfunctions. Straight leg jeans provide just a bit of flare at the end of the legs to create an even figure, resulting in a style that works for many body types.

Made Just for You

Low-quality jeans are mass produced and made based on a generic model that hardly represents the average person. But when you buy a pair of quality jeans, you’ll find options that suit your preferences and body, such as curvy fit jeans that embrace all your best features. There will also be options such as petite, regular, and tall. Some jeans will also come with the option to cuff or hem them before delivery to a maximum inseam of 2 inches, which will further customize your height sizing needs.

Are you looking for a pair of quality jeans? By following these tips, you’ll be able to slip into your next favorite pair easily.


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