How Should My Pajamas Fit?

How Should My Pajamas Fit?

Who doesn't love a pair of comfy pajamas for lounging or to help you get a great night’s sleep? Pajamas do have their own unique rules where fit is concerned, though. Let’s take a look.

Relaxed, But Not Baggy

You know what sizes you wear in street clothes and how you like your clothes to fit. Chances are, you prefer a fabric that skims your figure while not being tight. This is pretty much the definition of clothes such as women’s tops and tees that fit well. Pajamas, on the other hand, should always have a relaxed fit. You want to be able to move comfortably whether you are curled up on the sofa watching a movie or just need to roll over in the middle of the night. However, if pajamas are cut correctly, you should be able to wear the same size pajamas that you wear in street clothes and enjoy that relaxed fit. Always try them on to be sure. If you go up a size, you could be swimming in your PJs instead of being comfortable in them.

Lounging Pajamas vs. Sleeping Pajamas

Another consideration concerning fit is whether you mostly plan to use your pajamas for lounging or sleeping. It’s fun to have some cute pajamas ready to pull out of your dresser for an at-home movie night. These will probably be just fine for sleeping in, too, but keep in mind if you're a hot sleeper that you may want lighter-weight pajamas for sleeping and heavier pajamas for lounging.

The Right Length

Length is also key when it comes to finding pajamas that fit right. Maybe you need petite pajamas, so you won’t feel like you are flopping around in clothes that are built for someone taller than you. Although Lands’ End has you covered whether you are petite, average, plus, or tall, keep in mind that pajamas can be hemmed. You’ll want the pant legs long enough to comfortably go barefoot or pair them with your favorite slippers without risking either cold ankles or having them bunch up around your feet.

Sleeve length is just as important as pant length. If you’re tall, no doubt at some time, you have experienced “long” sleeves that just weren’t long enough to be comfortable, and if you are sweet and petite, you have probably experienced the opposite. Nevertheless, everyone deserves the cozy comfort of pajamas that fit right, so check the length before you buy (and keep the return policy in mind if you are buying online).


This isn’t technically “fit,” but the breathability of your pajama fabric ranks way up there in terms of comfort. Natural fabrics are always best. Of course, 100% cotton flannel is one of the best choices you can make. It feels wonderfully soft next to your skin, and its breathability will help you get a great night’s sleep because you won’t be distracted by being too hot or too cold. Silk and linen are also excellent choices for this very reason. If you choose linen pajamas, you will wake up a little rumpled because of linen wrinkles, but it is well worth it. If you like to start completely wrinkle-free, iron your linen pajamas right after laundering. Silk will make you feel pampered and (like all-natural fabrics) can help you to stay cool or warm as you need.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

There is nothing cuter than a family decked out in matching family Christmas pajamas. Especially if you're the one coordinating the family pajamas, fit is of the utmost importance. Unless you are positive that you know the correct pajama size of everyone on your list, get everyone’s updated measurements. For little ones, you can always leave a bit more room so they can enjoy the Christmas pajamas for the rest of the winter if they hit a growth spurt, but for the adults, order current sizes. For the little ones, the advice about length is extra important. You don’t want children or grandchildren tripping or toppling over because their pajama pants are too long.

Pajamas Should Fit Your Personality

Pajamas are fun! Even if you're always a classic dresser when you go out, you can go wild with fun colors and patterns in your pajamas. Try seasonal pajamas like flowers for spring or cute leaf patterns for fall. Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can celebrate with your pajamas. Halloween-inspired pajamas are great fun and can perk you up on a cold autumn night. Keep short pajamas around for summer and for beach vacations. You can also mix and match pajama bottoms and tops to create your own combinations. Mix fabrics and textures, too. These are pajamas, after all. There really aren’t any rules.

Whatever pajamas you choose, get comfy!


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