How Many Plus-Size Swimsuits Do You Need for Summer?

How Many Plus-Size Swimsuits Do You Need for Summer?

One of the best parts of getting ready for summer is looking for a new swimsuit (or two) to complement our collection, and ensure that we’re ready to look and feel our best on the beach or by the pool. But as the years go by, we tend to find amass more and more bathing suits, which sit in our drawers regardless of whether or not we find ourselves wearing them. So, how to figure out how many plus-size swimsuits we actually need for summer? To answer this question, start by assessing your current arsenal of swimsuits and what your needs are for summer swimwear. See what you’ve already got covered and where you could use some help. Here are a few key questions and tips to guide you as you take a look in your bathing suit drawer.

Do You Have Enough Bathing Suits That Fit?

Perhaps the most crucial question to consider when you’re looking to upgrade or expand your bathing suit collection is whether or not you have enough suits that fit you. A bathing suit that fits properly both looks and feels like the right size. You may have a suit that you think looks amazing on you but that you know isn’t comfortable because of the sizing. Maybe it’s super comfortable, but it’s a little big and baggy from being your go-to swimsuit for years. With time, bathing suits stretch out and become baggy or see-through, making them less than optimal choices for the beach. Or maybe your bathing suit is too small, digging in all the wrong places and making you count down the hours until you can get home and get into something comfy. Your bathing suit shouldn’t feel like a torture device, and that’s one of the reasons you need to invest in plus-size swimwear that’s designed to fit you the way you need it to, taking into account all your curves and proportions. If you only have one to three bathing suits after eliminating those that don’t fit well, you may want to consider searching for a new, well-fitting bathing suit to rock comfortably this summer.

Where Are You Wearing Your Bathing Suits?

The next factor to consider in your swimsuit search is where you plan to wear your swimwear. This will help you decide what features you require in your suit and whether your current collection has what you need. For example, if you plan on wearing your suit outdoors most of the time, at the beach or an outdoor pool, it may be wise to find sun protective swimwear. That way, you’re protected from the sun’s rays under the parts the bathing suit covers. If you’re wearing your suit to an indoor or outdoor pool with chlorine, you may benefit from a women’s chlorine-resistant bathing suit made with LYCRA® Xtra Life™ spandex, which is resistant to things like frequent chlorine exposure, sun, and sweat, which can damage suits over time.

Do You Have a Variety of Styles?

Another thing to consider when assessing your swimsuit collection is whether you have a good variety of swimsuit styles, so you can change things up in the summer and have a number of options to wear. It’s nice to have at least two good-quality, well-fitting suits: one one-piece suit and one two-piece suit. You can then wear whichever you’re in the mood for on a given day. Beyond that, there are so many other styles of plus-size swimsuits to choose from, depending on your particular needs. It’s nice to have a plus size swimsuit with skirt or plus size swimdress for the days when you feel like being a little more modest around your upper thighs. If you have a two-piece, it’s sometimes helpful to find another top or bottom in a different color that you can mix and match with the one you already have, easily adding a little bit of variety into your swimsuit collection and revitalizing what you’re working with. It’s also great to have at least one spare bathing suit in addition to your most-worn ones in case those are dirty or you want to change things up.

Do You Have a Cover-Up?

Last but not least, and something people often forget to factor into their beachwear collection is whether or not you have a plus size cover up that you’re excited to wear. Integrating a good cover-up into your summer wardrobe is a game-changer. Cover-ups serve a wide range of purposes in the summer, acting as a complete outfit for your trip to and from the beach or to the snack bar or bathroom. They can also help protect your skin from the elements, including sun, sand, and temperature changes, such as when it gets a little colder later in the day.

Once you answer these questions, you should have a good idea of how many plus-size swimsuits you need for summer. Ultimately, it all depends on your specific needs and style, but it can be helpful to consider if you need to keep all the swimsuits you already have before you invest in anything new. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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