How to Make Your Bed More Comfortable and Cozy

How to Make Your Bed More Comfortable and Cozy

It is important to have a comfortable bed to fall asleep and stay asleep. In fact, a comfortable bed boosts the quality of your rest to promote deeper sleep that is restorative to your mind and body. If you find yourself tossing and turning, you can look first to practical causes like the quality of your bedsheets. Here’s how to make a comfortable bed to maximize your chances for a great night’s sleep.

Check Your Mattress

All the best linens and comforters lose their power when you are sleeping on a failing mattress. If your mattress is sloping, has lost its padding or shape, or is over 10 years old, then you should explore a replacement. Every year, new materials and innovations for better sleep surfaces emerge, so you can find some great mattresses that weren’t available even a few years prior. Consider memory foam mattresses, innerspring memory foam hybrids, traditional tufted mattresses, and more. You should also see if your bed frame and its supportive slats are in good condition. If anything is warped or broken, it is time to replace the supportive structure. Once you have a quality mattress and bed frame that fits the bill, it’s time to move on to your bedding.

Get Some Great Sheets

If you have ever slept on a set of itchy, dirty, or old sheets, you know the uncomfortable feeling of not being able to rest easy. A sleek set of clean sheets made of materials good for your skin is essential for a great night’s rest. It is the foundation for your sleeping arrangement. Be sure to change your linens often to keep away that stale feeling.

After all, nothing beats that “fresh sheet” feeling. This is why you should have at least 3 sheet sets on rotation per bed for each season. It is also possible to use the same sheet sets for spring and summer, then a different set, like flannel sheets, for fall and winter. Flannel sheets are brushed to create a heat-trapping texture that you need when the nights get cold. Grab a good set that has sturdy elastic that keeps its form and allows the sheet to grab on firmly.

Summer and Spring: Quilts and Duvet Covers

Warmer weather means potentially waking up in a sweat that interrupts what could have been a great night of sleep. You can stay cool while feeling covered by putting bedding over your sheets that allow air circulation without weighing you down. Lightweight quilts provide that complete look for your bed in place of a traditional comforter. They come in delightful patterns and colors to match your room’s dynamic seasonal designs.

Quilts are light enough to lock in just a small amount of heat, helping you feel cradled and cozy at night. If your nights are just slightly chilly but you don’t need the weight of a traditional comforter, then a duvet cover and thin comforter insert are more than enough to keep you sleeping sweetly. Owning a few duvet covers makes it easy to keep your bedding clean and use different designs throughout the year.

Winter and Fall: Down Comforters

When it's cold, a down comforter is your best option to stay warm. These come in various weights and temperature ratings to match your sleeping needs. It is important to choose a comforter that is neither too thin nor too hot for you. Avoiding both night chills and sweats is an art in the winter. But when you choose a down comforter that is designed to lock in just the right amount of heat for your preferences, you can sleep soundly.

The Extras

A good-looking room promotes a sense of peace and wellness. Don’t forget the finishing touches like throw pillows, bed skirts, and room decor that harmonize with your full bedding ensemble. To make your linen changes simpler, choose a neutral color like white, beige, or black for your bed skirts so they can match with any bedding you use.

Do you want to create a personal space with bedding that is suited to your taste, or do you need to make a more generic look for a guest room? Consider the needs and range of freedom you have in designing each bedroom, and you can find the best sheets, covers, and accessories to make a restful environment.

By setting up your bed with fresh sheets, comforters, and room accents, you can make your bed as comfortable as possible. Now that you know how to make your bed cozy, leaving it in the morning is going to be tricky!


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