How Gen Z Is Adopting Their Parents' Styles

How Gen Z Is Adopting Their Parents' Styles

Almost all fashion is cyclical. It's big, then goes out of style, then you turn around, and your kids are wearing something you haven't seen in years. Gen Zs are starting to bring back trends from decades gone by, particularly the 80s and 90s, though there are a few from even earlier. Read on to see what the crazy kids are up to nowadays.

Rocking the Casual Streetwear

Not that the previous generation was overly formal, but it definitely wasn't quite as laid-back as "couch-clothing." Jackets, sweatpants, and tracksuits are becoming more and more common, even when the kids are just hanging out.

Reversion to extreme casual wear and activewear may have been a result of lockdowns and constant loungewear, or this generation may have just seen the light and decided to prioritize comfort. A throw-back to the 90s when everyone had some kind of matched jacket or sweater tied around their waist, the chill vibe is strong with this style.

Cropped Tops and High-Waisted Bottoms

For a while there, low-rise jeans were the only thing to wear. Maybe it was paired with a long tank top or a flowy blouse that reached the waist. High-waisted pants were called "Mom jeans." Now, the line between tops and bottoms has shifted. Pants are high-waisted to show off the hips and tops are getting cropped short, so those hips aren't hidden. Sometimes, these tops are even short enough to reach the level of bralette, though many of them are loose, like short bohemian tunic tops. They work well with high-waisted bottoms whether they're cut-off shorts or bottoms. High-waisted bottoms have come back around, a move blessed by anyone who has ever accidentally shown the world a little too much when bending to get something off the floor.

Sneaking Up With Sneakers and Slip-Ons

Sneakers and slip-ons are replacing other forms of women's shoes for Gen Zs. They're in line with the emphasis on comfort and you can go pretty much anywhere in them. Most of these shoes are your typical sneakers, but some of them have a slight difference: the soles are thicker. Some of them are even big enough to be described as "clunky." While heels may not be comfortable enough for Gen Zs, these new soles ensure they can't be looked down on while they own their laid-back style.

No Skinny Jeans

Jeans, of course, are huge on the casual scene. But the jeans the Gen Zs are choosing are looser and more comfortable—some can even be found with a little flair out at the bottom. It's not quite as dramatic as the bell-bottoms of the 80s, but you can see the influences come through in jeans choices today. Whether these jeans are left long and hanging in folds at the foot, or the cuffs get rolled a few times, wide-leg jeans are the preference of Gen Zs.

Bold Patterns and Colors

Subtly is not for this generation. With floral designs from the 70s, tiger prints, and bubblegum pink, Gen Zs do not seem to be shying away from making a statement. The patterns are generally on dresses but the pops of color could show up anywhere, from jackets to shoes. Even some tracksuits are coming in eye-catching colors. It looks like this generation won't be fading into the background, despite the casual activewear they prefer.

Perm Curls

Ok, this one isn't clothing, but something had to be said about the curls that keep popping up. While not as voluminous as the 80s, the perm is unmistakable. Gen Zs are keeping it a little more natural, but the big hair is back. In another curious twist, scrunchies are starting to reappear as well. It seems big hair needs a big scrunchie to handle it!

Now that you know how Gen Z is styling itself, show them how it's done! Those fashions that you may not have gotten to take advantage of when they first came through are coming back! If you have an old outfit that you've always liked, bring it back! If you threw all your old clothes out, shop for them again. You should be able to find some gems. No need to completely replace your closet, but a few comfy outfits and a flannel shirt or two won't look out of place. Plus, you'll look cool because it's the latest trend.


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