How Do You Wash Your Winter Coats?

How Do You Wash Your Winter Coats?

Depending on the fabric and style of your winter coat, it is very likely that it will require special care, and the way you wash your regular clothing won't be the same as the way you wash coats. Whether you have just bought a brand new coat or you want to make sure you are properly and safely washing the coats you currently own, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will take a look at how to wash winter coats, based on style and fabric.

Cleaning Down Coats and Vests

Down coats are very popular winter coat choices. They are warm, but lightweight and comfy and if you own one, it’s safe to say you want to keep it for as long as it will last. To make it last longer, you have to know how to clean and dry it properly and safely. Unlike some coats, down coats can safely be washed and dried at home. Read the care label on your down coat before you start the cleaning process. This is something you will need to do to ensure the exterior fabric of the coat is washable. Use a specially formulated detergent, keep the water temperature cool or warm (never hot), and put it on a gentle cycle. When it comes time to dry your coat, either dry it on a low cycle or air dry it.

Cleaning a Wool Coat

Wool is often spun from goat or sheep hair, making it a natural fiber. If you have a wool coat, it’s best to always have it dry cleaned. Because a wool coat is often tailored to be very structured, the interior fabric of the coat isn’t designed to be washed. Washing the inner fabric can lead to it dissolving or becoming worn out very quickly. Any time your wool coat needs a good, safe clean, take it to a professional dry cleaner. If you have a stain or small spot and your entire wool coat doesn’t need to be cleaned, invest in a home dry cleaning kit so you can safely get the stain out yourself.

Although it is strongly recommended to always have your wool coat dry cleaned by a professional, if you do prefer washing all your coats at home, arm yourself with all the right know-how and cleaning supplies. Only use a very gentle wash designed specifically for wool fabric. Don’t ever dry the coat in a machine; hang it up to dry after washing at home. Also, keep the water temperature low. If your wool coat gets wrinkled, you can get rid of creases and wrinkles safely with a steamer on a wool setting at 300.

Cleaning Fleece Garments

Fleece is a popular fabric for winter clothing and outerwear like coats, jackets, and vests. If you own fleece, you can make it last for years with proper maintenance and safe, gentle washing. Because fleece is designed to wick away moisture, it’s a great piece to wear for something like going for a jog in the winter. Because it’s an excellent choice for physical activity, it will definitely need regular washing. With fleece, you can use a regular detergent or even something more heavy-duty. Set the water temperature to cold or warm and choose the permanent press cycle. Fleece garments should only ever be washed alone or with other fleece garments. When you dry it, put it on a low cycle or air dry the garments.

Cleaning Faux Fur Coats

Always start by reading the care label first. Generally, faux fur is most often washable, but the interior fabric may not be. If you have faux fur coats or garments, it is usually best to wash them by hand and you never want to put them in the dryer. Any high heat could destroy the fabrics and fuse them together, which would ruin the coat. To start the washing process, take a large bin or go to the sink or tub to fill it with cool water. Add 2 teaspoons of gentle detergent. Once you have your water and detergent mixed, add the faux fur and keep it submerged for 15 minutes. You don’t want to coat in the water any longer than that because it will cause too much agitation. After washing, squeeze the fur coat and drain the sink. Refill the sink with just cool water and rinse the faux fur in it until all the soap is out of the garment. Gently squeeze out the water again and pat it dry with a towel or roll the faux fur in the towel completely, applying firm pressure. After that, you can hang it up to air dry, remembering to keep it out of sunlight or too much heat. Once the coat is fully dry, use a soft brush to lift the fibers.

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