The Hottest Christmas Presents in 2022

The Hottest Christmas Presents in 2022

The reasons we all love this time of year extend far beyond giving and receiving presents, of course. But isn’t getting to see your loved loves react to opening the most perfect gifts from you a big part of it? If you happen to be stumped on what to buy for who this year, stress not — we’ve got you covered. From your foodie father-in-law to your wanderlust-filled, globe-trotting niece, we have the ultimate guide to the hottest Christmas gifts of 2022.

The Hottest Kitchen Gadgets for the Cooks and the Chefs

For the home chef in your life, you can never go wrong with a cool new kitchen accessory. Kitchen gifts of all types are a wonderfully functional but fun group of gift ideas. For the home bartender friend who prides themselves on their mixology skills, you can get them a new cocktail-making kit, a hand-frother for blending ingredients or whipping egg and cream, or a clear-cube ice maker.

For the baker in your family or friend group, we recommend a stand mixer or a personalized cake stand, perhaps complete with a personalized set of tins for their next batch of cookies or treats.

Other great kitchen gadgets include digital thermometers for grilling or cooking meat, a mini-ice cream maker for kids (or for someone’s inner child!), or a sous-vide precision cooker for the serious cook. You can get just about anyone that increasingly popular and wonderfully practical go-to kitchen accessory gift: an air-fryer.

The Best Travel-themed Gifts for the Jet-setters in Your Life

We all know that one person who just can’t seem to stay put. What do you gift someone who is always on the go? Give them gifts to make their travel funner or easier, of course. Whether the traveler in your life is constantly on the go for business or for pleasure, sometimes hours and hours on a train or plane can be dull. A great way to help them out without weighing them down is by purchasing audiobooks or Kindle books.

If they need to up their luggage game, we recommend packing cubes to help them stay organized while traveling. You can also give them some new travel luggage.

Fun and Festive Pajama Sets for the Whole Family

Consider this fun and fabulous classic Christmas gift for the whole family: matching family Christmas pajamas. They are a wonderful way to get cozy and into the Christmas spirit. (Not to mention the incredible family photo opp they present!)

Give the Gift of the Most Luxurious Bedding and Linens

Who doesn’t want to fall asleep each night wrapped in luxury? Brand-new silk, linen, or Supima cotton sheets are a great Christmas gift for just about everyone. Supima cotton makes fantastic bed linens, as this material is incredibly soft and silky while also being perfectly breathable and offering maximum temperature regulation for a blissful sleep. Supima cotton is also truly the gift that keeps on giving, as this material famously does not get brittle or pill and, in fact, becomes softer with frequent laundering.

We Can’t Get Enough of Classic Cozy Cashmere

Speaking of luxe materials, cashmere clothing is another gift we think is a fantastic option for everyone or anyone on your Christmas list this year. A buttery soft cashmere sweater is sure to be cherished and appreciated by whoever it is gifted to.

Super-smart Tech for The Sleepy and Sleep-Deprived

We all that one person who can never seem to get an adequate amount of shut-eye. Christmas is a perfect opportunity to help them out. Many companies now offer year subscriptions to sleep-tracking, relaxation, and guided meditation apps. A wearable fitness tracker, pre-loaded with one of these apps, is a wonderfully thoughtful and modern gift for someone who suffers sleepless nights.

Noise-canceling headphones, ambient sound machines, weighted or heated blankets, and high-quality compression sleep masks are also great ideas, sure to be appreciated by your sleepy loved one.

In addition to these specialty gadgets and high-tech items, we also recommend any number of specialty pillowcases. Certain fabrics can retain body heat and cause discomfort, leading to more restless nights. Opt for natural, breathable, or temperature-regulating fabrics such as silk and linen.

The best Christmas present is almost always going to be one that manages to be simultaneously both practical and exceptional. With this in mind, our list is filled with items we consider thoughtful and unique but also items that your giftees will actually use. Happy shopping!


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