How To Host the Perfect Halloween Party

How To Host the Perfect Halloween Party

If you have ever hosted a holiday party, you know how a fun idea without a plan can quickly turn into a frantic ordeal from beginning to end. So we're going to show you how to prep, plan, and execute the perfect Halloween Party that captures the look and cadence of your spooky festivities and, best of all, have your guests raving about your party for years to come.

Creatively Brainstorm

Before you start searching for decorations online or visiting your local costume store, it's time to sit down with a piece of paper, and a pen or the notes function on your smartphone and start brainstorming ideas. For example, will this be an adult-only party, or will it be enjoyable for the whole family? Will your event be a day party or an evening event? Will it take place on the actual day of Halloween, or will it occur on a Saturday or Sunday? Once you have solidified the who, when, and where of your event, you'll be able to move on to developing the theme of your party.

Select a Theme

Whether you choose to have guests dress as their favorite comic book villain or wear comfy sweats or flannel shirts, make sure your theme measures up to the look and feel of your Halloween party. A curated theme will deliver cohesive energy to your party from start to finish. A theme will also serve as a style guide for specific elements like colors, accent items, style of invitations, down to the food menu to ensure every detail aligns with your theme. Lastly, a thought-out theme can prove entertaining, especially when costumes add additional aligning energy.

Identify your Guest List

Know your audience. Before you start purchasing food or items to go along with your theme, you have to have a guest list. Consider how many people you want in your home or even in your backyard. Once you have a general idea of the number of people attending your Halloween party, think about which guest will quickly RSVP and who will wait until the last minute. Once you have a general number, think about the types of guests you are inviting. If your list is made up primarily of families with children under five years old, then it's safe to say that some of your friends and acquaintances might not have the same fun if it was an adults-only party.

Create a Shopping List

Before you go to the store, identify what you need and the correct amount. Now that you have a rough idea of how many people are coming, you can figure out how much food you're going to need. Nothing spoils a party faster than running out of food. You might consider including games and movies for people to entertain themselves throughout the party. Oh, and don't forget to purchase your costume or accommodating accents. After all, as the host, you set the mood of your event.

Recruit Party Hosts

If you're able to, consider recruiting friends or family to assist you on the day of the event. For example, you may need assistance with day-of tasks like ensuring the guest bathroom is stocked with hand soap and hand towels. Or maybe you'll need help decorating your party space with mysterious characters like a ghost made out of bed sheets or bath towels or maybe even a scarecrow in the front yard, a few extra hands to help can ease the stress of the day.

Curate a Fun Music Playlist

Having a themed playlist plays a considerable role in the success of your Halloween party. Whatever theme you choose, be sure it matches the vibe of your party. As the party progresses, you can always switch up the pace of the music, especially if you want people to dance to upbeat music.

Plan a Competitive Game or Two

A competitive game or two can add a unique element to your party. For example, you can have a few competitions centered on horror movie trivia, best individual or group costume, or even a spooky scavenger hunt. Whatever you decide, make sure the rules are clear to avoid confusion about winners at the end of the games.

Movies for All Ages

Movies bring people together. If you plan to have a party for all ages, putting on a family-friendly movie can be an excellent activity for the kiddos. However, if you opt for an adults-only party, you can have a scarier movie and allow guests to sit, rest, and view if they desire in a quieter space before rejoining the group.

However you decide to plan your Halloween party, the above tips can help you better plan and execute your event to have your guests raving about their experience. Do you have any tips and tricks for a fun Halloween party? Let us know in the comments below.


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