What's Your Home Style?

What's Your Home Style?

When your home matches your personality, the world just feels at peace. A home should reflect the personality of your family and lifestyle. This personal reflection translates to a home that feels cozy, welcoming, and puts a smile on your face. Looking to uncover your home decor style? Take this quiz to find out how you should decorate your home.

Which Best Describes Your Wardrobe?

A. Black and white with the occasional touch of color.

B. Eccentric and flowy. Lots of natural prints and colors.

C. Clean and classic. I love colors that go with the seasons.

D. Retro-inspired. Boxy glasses, knit sweaters, and loafers are a few staples.

E. Relaxed and easy-going. My favorite pair of boots and women’s jeans are in a regular rotation.

How Do You Decorate for the Holidays?

A. What holidays?

B. I put up decor for everything from Holi to Hanukkah.

C. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Fourth of July or President’s Day, I celebrate!

D. A few small decorations, but I don’t go overboard.

E. The Fourth of July and “Winter” are my favorite holidays to decorate.

How Full Are Your Walls and Shelves?

A. I love clean lines and empty walls.

B. There are small trinkets and larger natural sculptures around my home.

C. I rotate with the seasons but my favorite season is summer. I love our beach towels.

D. Just a few key pieces of vintage-inspired lighting and bookends.

E. Every inch is crammed with a rustic feel.

What Best Describes Your Current Home Decor?

A. The less the better. A few throw pillows and a cozy blanket are all I have.

B. Family memories from our world travels.

C. All things bright! I love to use color.

D. I’m inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.

E. Outdoorsy and natural.

Which Best Describes Your Favorite Hobbies?

A. I enjoy modern art, entertainment, and technology.

B. Travel, please!

C. Nothing is quite as nice as taking a walk on the beach or watching a sunset.

D. You can find me at little cafes and eateries.

E. Long horseback rides, fishing, and hiking are my thing.

Mostly A’s: Modern-Chic

You love a modern look with clean lines. Chances are you have a lot of sleek designs to complement your style, along with simple, minimalist sets of bed sheets and comforters to match. Keep your space interesting with a splash of color now and again. But make sure you have plenty of home storage to keep clutter at bay.

Mostly B’s: Bohemian and Worldly

You love the exotic. Traveling the world and seeing old-world design inspires your home. Chances are you get most of your home decor from your travels. An elephant statue from Sri Lanka, images of the Buddha from Nepal, or a hand-woven blanket from Peru are just a few of your favorite things. Balance your worldly adventures with basic furniture pieces in solid colors to keep your space from looking too chaotic.

Mostly C’s: Bright and Beachy

Ahhh, fresh air and sunshine. Your living space always feels light and airy. You love to fall asleep to the sound of the water. All that space means you’ll want a few throw blankets to keep your space cozy. Even if you don’t live near the water, you love a nautical-inspired theme combined with a country kitchen. You change your home decor often, but a bright, cheery feeling is the vibe you’re after.

Mostly D’s: Mid-Century 

Clean lines combined with natural materials make your home feel cozy and warm. You love to curl up with that beautiful standing lamp on your favorite leather chair with a good book. The balance of warmth and sharp lines draws you into your own space. Darker colors and deep chocolate woods create an area perfect for peace and harmony. Vintage-inspired designs bring your mid-century modern home to life.

Mostly E’s: Country Classic

Home is where the heart is and yours is centered around a hearth. Whether you live in the country or the city, you bring a rustic, outdoor vibe to your home. Flannel sheets, wooden carvings, and old farm equipment bring a smile to your face. You love to celebrate family and home with decor that signals it’s time to sit back and relax together once the dinner bell rings. After a day in the outdoors, you love nothing more than kicking off your boots and snuggling up near a cozy fire.

Overall, there’s no wrong way to decorate your home. In the end, it’s all about a direct reflection of you. Bring your favorite things into your home decor and you’ll be feeling cozy in no time.


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