3 Home Projects to Finally Catch Up On This Spring

3 Home Projects to Finally Catch Up On This Spring

For many of us, winter is the time we really nest in our homes. Whether it's because we're opening our doors to friends and family for the holiday season or we're simply taking the chilly season to bask in those cozy lounge vibes, winter tends to be the time of year that we really lean into our homebody tendencies. So, of course, it's also likely that many of us spent the season staring at that one cluttered bookshelf or that annoying spot on the wall we've been meaning to spackle for ages. Maybe that's why spring cleaning is such a popular concept, and with spring bringing a sense of "newness" everywhere we turn, it makes a ton of sense that this is also the season to start tackling some of those overdue home projects.

Most of us have a running list of tasks that we want to tackle in our homes, from the big to the small, and it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. That's why we've compiled a selection of the top three home projects to catch up on this spring that'll make your home feel fresh and organized, just in time for the new season. Plus, each of the projects on this list is low impact yet effective and rewarding, meaning you won't have to start knocking down any walls or replacing any roof tiles to feel productive at home this spring.

1 - Organize Your Closets

When it comes to getting your house organized for the new season, your closets are a great place to start. Reorganizing your bedroom, bathroom, linen, and entryway closets in your home will take a bit of time, but it can actually be fun to block off a few afternoons for tackling these important spaces in your home one by one.

The trick here will be to get into some comfy clothes, throw on your favorite podcast or playlist, have some coffee, and pick the closet you want to start with. Next, start with a blank canvas by pulling everything out of the closet. Put each item where you can have a clear visual on each article of clothing, towel, sheet, or knick-knack, and then start organizing things into piles.

For your bedroom closet, for example, make a pile of clothes you'll want easy access to the spring, like your maxi dresses for women or your lightweight sweaters, another pile for clothes you want to put into storage, like your winter coats. Create a third pile for clothes you need to take to the dry cleaner or to the tailor, and then a fourth pile for clothes or shoes that you want to donate. Follow this same process for the closets in the other rooms in your home, and once you have a few bags of things to donate, you can make a day of dropping stuff off at the appropriate donation centers. Lastly, just make sure you dust the shelves and vacuum the closet floors before putting your items back!

2- Refresh Your Linens

As you survey the items in your bathroom and linen closets, you'll likely start to notice a few bleach stains or tears in old towels or sheets. Take this as an opportunity to upgrade and refresh your linens just in time for the spring season.

To get your bedding options ready, opt for a few lightweight linen sheet sets and a few breathable blankets. Having complete bedding sets that work with the aesthetic of your home will make hosting any guests a breeze as you won't have to scramble to make up any beds in the guest room and will also make for some seriously refreshing nights for you this season. If you have kids' rooms to think about, too, you'll love having easy access to comfy, clean, and organized bedding sets, which will be one less thing to think about as you get them ready for bed. No one likes a linen closet avalanche when it's time to drift off to dreamland!

For your bath towels, consider bringing any torn or bleach-stained towels to a center that provides textile recycling and elevating your towel game with that new plush set you've been eyeing. You can also take this chance to swap out any heavy-duty winter throw blankets for more breathable and lightweight options for spring and change out any snowflake or seasonal buffalo check throw pillows for some fresh floral prints. Make some space in storage for your throws that you'll want to rotate back in as winter rolls back around (don't worry, you've got plenty of sunshine to enjoy between now and then!). This will instantly make your living room or den feel refreshed as you head into the new season.

3 - Deep Clean Your Kitchen

If you're anything like us, you likely spent the winter making hearty soups, curries, and casseroles, and of course, baking all of the yummy wintery things. Before you pivot to your favorite spring or summer recipes, take this as an opportunity to really deep clean your kitchen. This will leave this oh-so-important space in your home feeling extra fresh as the seasons shift.

Just like with your closets, get in the zone and pull everything out of your fridge. Compost any questionable items or plan to cook up any items that have upcoming expiration dates, wipe down every nook and cranny, and put any remaining items back in an organized fashion. Wipe down the handle and the outside of the fridge with a cleaner that's made specifically for stainless steel or whatever works best for your specific fridge. Next, turn your sights on the pantry or any shelves, and compost or toss any open, stale items. Make sure to wipe down the entire cabinet with an appropriate cleaner, and declutter any shelves or drawers by getting creative with your organization. Finally, use a cute storage solution option like seagrass baskets to store extra hand towels, pet supplies, or as a way to finally organize that void on top of your fridge.

Once you've tackled these three projects, your home will feel cleaner, more organized, and totally refreshed for the season. Now, celebrate by lighting a floral scented candle, throwing the windows open to let in that fresh spring air, and buying yourself a nice bouquet of flowers from the local market! You can worry about the other items on your list after you've enjoyed the progress you've already made.


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