Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Christmas stockings are one of the Holiday season’s most underrated treasures. These foot-shaped gift receptacles are a cornucopia of gift-giving fun; any miscellanea that does not count as a full gift on its own can find its place as a holiday stocking stuffer.

Make Sure Everyone Has a Stocking

But before you get to the stuffing, you’ll need to ensure you have a holiday stocking in the first place. If you’ll allow us to provide a humble recommendation, we’ll be quick to name a needlepoint Christmas stocking as our perennial favorite.

The hand working required to create an intricate needlework pattern is a quality that gives every needlepoint Christmas stocking the feeling that it just came from grandma. Plus, the ability of needlework to create a vibrant holiday scene adds to the stocking’s cheeriness. From sledding penguins to bicycle-riding Santas, the capacity for a needlepoint stocking to create a vibrant holiday scene is unrivaled.

For an extra touch of personalization, you can also add a monogram to your needlepoint stocking. Whether that monogram takes the form of a single initial, the traditional three initials, or a whole name written out in its entirety, adding an identifier to a needlepoint stocking adds both a personalized touch and provides a practical function by identifying whose gifts are stashed away inside.

What Goes Inside the Stocking?

Approach stocking stuffing the same way you would approach packing your luggage. To start, you’ll want to place the heaviest items at the bottom so that they aren’t weighing down smaller, lighter items. Your heavier items might be anything from a die-cast model to a rotund chocolate orange: make sure these get first placement.

Afterward, you can think about placing the long, skinny items that will need to reach the bottom of the stocking in order to fully fit within the gift-holding device. These items might include pens, licorice—and of course—candy canes.

Once you’ve managed to fit the larger, heavier items on the bottom while still finding space for the long and skinny items, you can begin to layer in the other miscellany that makes a de-stuffing a stocking such a wonderful surprise.

The Possibilities are Endless, but Here are a Few of Our Favorites

- A personalized ornament in the shape of a photo frame, featuring a photo that will be meaningful to the gift receiver.

- A set of golf balls with a personalized message or theme.

- Brushes, pens, and other supplies for the aspiring artist.

- Favorite candies for those with a serious sweet tooth.

- A nip-sized bottle of scotch for the of-age appreciator.

- The latest smartphone accessories for the tech-obsessive.

- A pair of holiday-themed or personalized socks. After all, why shouldn’t a stuffed stocking come with its own stockings?


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