3 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

3 Holiday Gifts You Can Make Yourself

The holiday season is finally here. You’ve decked the halls with Christmas decorations, adorned the fireplace with personalized Christmas stockings, and set up fido with jolly dog Christmas bandanas. The outdoors are a blanket of fluffy white snow, and it’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas. It’s the time of year that holiday parties pop up every other weekend, with lots of family and friends time. When it comes to giving gifts, there are situations when it feels overwhelming to go out and shop. For many reasons, homemade gifts are the way to go. They show extra effort in your gift-giving game and are also budget-friendly.

Let Loved Ones Know You Care

Show how much you care with DIY gifts—they’ll be a total hit this year. They are more meaningful than store-bought gifts because they are a physical representation of the effort you put into your friendships and relationships with family members. Making Christmas gifts is also great for spending a chilly winter evening by the fireplace. We’ve got a few ideas for DIY gifts to bring to your attention.

Fun With Words

The first is an interactive and meaningful way to show individualized attention to a friend or family member. It requires a little time on the computer and a printer. You remember playing mad libs as a kid, but have you ever made your own? The mad lib idea can be fun to show you pay attention to your loved one and know them well. Add different elements of their style and activities, and then allow folks to fill in the rest. They can use this as an activity when entertaining at their home. Alternatively, if they have children, nieces, nephews, or grandchildren, it’s a fun way for them to engage the kids—be sure to include their names in it if this is the case, as it will make them more likely to want to play the game.

Decorated Goodie Jars

Next up on our list has got to be food. Everyone loves food, and giving it is a beautiful way to care for another person. You’ll need a mason jar with a lid, burlap, twine, craft decorations, and whatever ingredients you decide to include. The intent is that the jar contains the basis of a meal, snack, or drink.

For the decorative part, wrap burlap around the jar for a rustic look. Print out cooking directions and an ingredient list with a personal note; punch a hole in the message, pull the twine through it, and use this twine to wrap to the jar to attach it. You can also add cute decorations like pompoms or a bow for added effect. Striate ingredients so that there are identifiable layers in the jar; this will make the gift look pretty and aesthetically pleasing.

An excellent filler for this gift is to make soup mixes. Soup is the perfect meal for cold winter nights—it’s hot, comforting, and shows you care! Look up a recipe and include the dried goods of lentils, beans, spices, and dehydrated vegetables. They will only have to heat the ingredients in water or broth for a delicious meal. It’s perfect for busy folks who don’t have time to cook. You can feel good knowing you provided a highly nutritious meal for a loved one who may not have the time to prep it themselves.

Alternatively, for a tasty treat, fill a jar with all the ingredients for DIY cocoa, including sugar, cocoa, peppermint, chocolate chips, candy, and whatever else you think they might like. They need to add hot water or milk, and they’ll have a delicious cup of your love to savor on a brisk winter evening.

Knit Personalized gifts

If you already know how to knit, wonderful, and if you don’t, here’s your opportunity to learn! There’s nothing like a good-knit Christmas present to show how much you care, and there’s nothing like gaining a new skill to build confidence. Hats and scarves can come together quickly, and they are a great pastime to keep your hands busy in the cold winter months; once you get the basics down, you’ll find the process comforting and therapeutic.

Get Ready to Enjoy

Put your gifts in Christmas totes for a cute holiday-specific addition to the present. They can reuse these totes for groceries, presents, and whatever else they need to carry.

There’s something special about giving a gift you’ve hand-made yourself, so take pride in your hard work and enjoy the faces of your loved ones when they open your presents. Now you can curl up by the fire under Christmas throw blankets with ease, knowing you’ve handled your Christmas presents, and have no more stress from worrying about what to get your loved ones. You can rest assured they will know you love them very much, so much so that you’ve poured your valuable time and energy into making them personalized DIY gifts.


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