6 Holiday Card Ideas That Aren't Like The Others

6 Holiday Card Ideas That Aren't Like the Others

Create a holiday card that’s unique this year with a little planning and inspiration. There are plenty of ways to make your holiday photo shoot special and upgrade your annual cards. Here are six of our favorite ideas for holiday photo cards:

Wear Matching Family Pajamas

There’s nothing cuter than family Christmas pajamas, especially for a holiday card. There are also kids’, men’s, and women’s flannel pajamas in seasonal colors and prints that you can wear for a photo shoot or just because. They’re a cozy choice for movie night, and they can be paired with matching flannel robes if it’s extra-cold. Give everyone a pair of fuzzy slippers to wear in the photo and pose in front of a traditional holiday setting, such as your Christmas tree or fireplace.

You can set the scene for a classic photo idea like this one with garland and white lights along the mantel. Add stocking holders and personalized Christmas stockings for a festive look that’s perfect for a holiday card taken in your PJs. Or take the relaxed ambiance of the card to the next level and inject a bit of humor by posing on the sofa. A holiday throw can be draped across the back for a festive flair. Blankets and throws also make great gifts if you’re still looking for ideas.

Go for a Modern Vibe

Another option is to make your holiday card modern instead of traditional. This idea works out well if you’re a minimalist when it comes to the holidays. Plus, it has a fresh look that’s up-to-date. There are plenty of ways to modernize your holiday photo card shoot. So keep reading to find some of our top ideas.

Instead of opting for the regular red and green color scheme, consider something neutral. Winter white is crisp, fresh, and always in style. Go for a monochromatic white color scheme for an ultra-modern look that’s also seasonally appropriate. There are kids’, women’s, and men’s sweater styles in super-soft knits that come in white, along with skirts and dress pants.

If you can’t find all-white apparel for the whole family, go for white and black for a bold, contrasting look. Gold touches add a celebratory flair to this photo style as in the case of a gold home accent piece in the background. Or forgo the black and just go with a white-and-gold scheme. Other neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe, and gray are also modern fashion options for your annual holiday card.

Choose a Spectacular Setting

It’s not always what you wear that makes your holiday card unique. Consider posing for your annual Christmas card photo shoot in an unexpected setting or at least one that’s new to you. If you love a rustic aesthetic, take your family photo by a wood fence and pasture or find another picturesque outdoor locale. Everyone can wear flannel shirts, jeans, and boots to match the setting.

Your area may also have indoor destinations to consider for your holiday card shoot. If there’s a local attraction of interest that’s all decked out for the holidays, take your photo there. Your setting may also depend on if you’re taking the photo yourself or hiring a professional photographer. Sometimes, pros have access to locations for photo shoots that the public may not know about.

Pose With Your Pets

Get your dog or cat in on the act. If you have more than one pet, include them all—if enticing them to sit still for the camera is possible. While it’s usually the case that dogs are easier to pose with than cats, you may still be able to capture a sweet family moment that includes your feline for the holiday card.

If your dog wears apparel such as sweaters, get him or her a dog coat in a color that matches the rest of the family’s holiday apparel. Red and green are classic choices for dog coats or you can opt for a coat with a seasonal print.

Tuck in a Treat

Include a little something special with your holiday card, such as a peppermint stick or other piece of hard candy that will fit. To play it safe, you can tape it to the inside of the card to keep it secure. If you’d prefer to give something other than sweets, Lands’ End gift cards are always a good gift. Even if your cards are digitally printed, each member of the family can add their handwritten signature and holiday greeting for a special touch.

Include a Holiday Letter

You can also send a family holiday letter with your card. There may be too many updates to include on the card itself. If so, print your letter on a separate piece of paper and include it in the card envelope. You can even use paper with a holiday scene to frame your seasonal letter. It doesn’t have to be long—just a brief rundown of what everyone’s been up to, any notable events or accomplishments and some warm holiday wishes.

These are just some of the ways to make your holiday card stand out. Ask your family for their opinions and come up with a photo shoot idea that everyone likes.


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