Healthy Habits for Spring and Summer: Nutrition, Exercise, and Self Care

Healthy Habits for Spring and Summer: Nutrition, Exercise, and Self Care

Spring and summer are great times of year to revisit our healthy habits—no need to do a big overhaul. Some easy tweaks can make a definite difference in our health and happiness. Let's look at some healthy habits to improve our nutrition, exercise, and self-care as we head into the warmer months.

Happy and Hydrated

If you want to give both your mood and your skin a lift, stay well-hydrated. It’s one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and beautiful. Make drinking plenty of water a habit by keeping a water bottle handy (especially when you will be outside in the sun). If “plain” water isn’t your favorite, consider adding a little lemon or lime for flavor. If you need a reminder, you can get a water bottle with the volume label on it or even subscribe to a water drinking app on your smartphone.

Once you start drinking plenty of water (some say eight glasses a day, but whatever “plenty” means to you and your health professional), you’ll notice more of a glow to your face and that your skin is literally moisturized from the inside out. You’ll notice it as you look at yourself in the mirror, slip into your favorite activewear for women, and in photos, whether they are selfies from a fun brunch with friends, vacation photos from the beach, or anything in between.

Fabulous Fruits and Veggies

Ask any gardener what the best part of summer is, and they will tell you about fresh fruits and veggies from the garden. Not only are they delicious, but they are chock full of nutrients our bodies need. Fresh strawberries, anyone? How about biting into a fresh peach? Don’t you love slicing into a ripe tomato and adding it to your salad?

A fun way to take advantage of fresh fruits and veggies is to serve a crudité platter with dinner or go on a picnic where the menu is sandwich fixings and fresh fruits and veggies. Throw on your favorite women’s shorts and T-shirt, get out the picnic blanket, and share a wonderful afternoon or evening with friends at a park, beach, or picnic ground.

Energizing Exercise

There’s no need to start a whole new exercise routine for spring and summer—unless you want to! You’ll want to take advantage of the warmer weather for everything from relaxing evening walks while the sun is still shining to your favorite water sports. Of course, the gym or the yoga studio will still be there for you, but if you have experienced a freezing winter or something like it, the joy of exercising outside is almost like a vacation in itself.

Whether you love water sports, water aerobics classes, or playing with the kids or grandkids on the beach, have fun putting your women’s swimsuit and getting some activity in the water. We dream about this in winter!

Ah… Spa

Did someone say self-care? Yes, please! Spring and summer are perfect for treating your mind and body to extra self-care. Make sure you have some “spa basics” at home to nurture yourself. Think of big fluffy bath towels, hand towels, women’s robes, and women’s slippers. You’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of moisturizers, bath or shower gels in scents you love, candles, and relaxing music at the ready. A little spa treatment shouldn’t be an occasion but part of your routine.

Why not consider a mini bathroom makeover for spring and summer? Are all of your towels as pretty as you would like? Do you have a bathroom rug that feels wonderful to step on in bare feet? Are your cosmetics and hair appliances organized and looking good? If not, do a bathroom edit. Start by going through all the shelves and drawers to get rid of any used cosmetics or items that no longer serve you. Then, put the most frequently used items in boxes, storage bins, or drawers where they are within easy reach. If you have a partner, respect their ”territory.” If they are resistant to change, go ahead and organize your stuff. It will make things look nicer, be more functional, and maybe your good example will even rub off on them.

Sweet Slumber

There is nothing like getting a great night’s sleep to make your days happy and bright. Treat yourself to a luxury item like linen sheets or silk pajamas for spring and summer. Those cozy favorites, flannel sheets and flannel pajamas, aren’t just for winter, either. As long as they are lightweight to mid-weight, they can be delightful for sleeping in spring and summer. Of course, it will depend upon your preferences for night clothes and air conditioning, but flannel breathes is an advantage year-round.

Good habits like limiting screen time before bed, lowering the lights a while before going to sleep, and keeping a regular sleep schedule will also help you to wind down.

With a few tweaks, you can upgrade your healthy habits and have a wonderful spring and summer. Enjoy!


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