Headbands and Earbands and Ear Muffs, Oh My!

Headbands and Earbands and Ear Muffs, Oh My!

There’s an old saying, “When the days begin to lengthen, the cold begins to strengthen,” and while I’m not sure where about where you live, that is certainly true here in the Midwest! January and February are when truly frigid temperatures set in, and protecting oneself from freezing cold is not simply a matter of comfort, it’s a matter of safety. Ears, for example, can develop frostbite in just 30 minutes in sub-zero temperatures. Many people are happy to wear a hat in the cold, and winter hat options are practically endless! You might choose a simple beanie, a colorful bobble hat, or go all-out with a fur-lined trapper hat. However, if you don’t want to wear a hat—perhaps you overheat easily or just

need to keep your ‘do looking good for the après-skating cocoa party—you still need to think about protecting your ears from the cold, and we have the perfect solution! Among women’s cold weather accessories, you will find headbands, which offer maximum style along with coverage from the cold, earbands for heavy-duty protection from the cold, and earmuffs, the perennial (and adorable!) favorite alternative to a winter hat!

Why Choose a Headband?

Remember the stretchy fabric “head gasket” headbands that were all the rage back in the early 90s? They covered the hairline, were a godsend if your hair or bangs were at an “awkward” stage, and easily flipped between polished, Preppy looks and proto-grunge flannel ensembles with flannel pajamas. Our winter headbands have a lot of essentials in common with that beloved accessory; the main difference is that you wear them purposefully over your ears rather than carefully scrunched behind them! You can settle a fleece winter hairband over your hairline or just behind it, or you can even pull out your bangs if you know you’ll be out in the cold for an extended period of time and are building a purposeful outerwear ensemble. Your hair will be held in place, out of your face if necessary for a pickup hockey game or short snowshoe tramp, and your ears will be protected from the cold. The winter headbands Lands’ End is featuring right now have an attractive twist

detail, and can of course be monogrammed for that little something extra!

Is an Earband Your Best Option?

If you like the idea of a winter headband but need something warmer that offers greater protection from the elements, one of our brushed-fleece-lined earbands might be just right for you. The quilted outer layer adds a bit of sophistication to this practical cold-weather accessory, while the anti-pill, anti-static brushed-fleece lining kicks the warmth factor up a notch (or two)!

An earband will help hold your hair in place (out of your face) or accessorize a bun or ponytail, but is built for serious protection from the elements. If temperatures are lower than expected, if you plan to be out of doors for quite a while, or if you are taking part in an activity that will make you feel the wind, such as snowmobiling or horseriding, a lined earband is a better barrier between your skin and dangerous cold.

Are Earmuffs Back Again?

Our ear muffs are different from those you might remember from childhood. Firstly, there are no bunnies or lions covering each ear! Secondly, they are worn around the back of the neck rather than over the top of the head, so that the squashing or denting of your hairdo is truly minimal. These modern earmuffs are sleekly designed for great cold-weather protection with a low-profile silhouette. By all means, if you are longing to wear swans or foxes over each ear, such fun accessories are just a Google away, but we are excited about our Lands’ End earmuffs, which are a comparatively elegant take on the classic earmuffs you know and love.

Further, our earmuffs are adjustable! The mechanism is in the center of the band, so if you simply pull the band apart from that spot, you will feel an expansion. For this accessory, a perfect fit makes all the difference in both comfort and protection, so make sure you adjust yours to find the ideal span for your own head and neck.

All of the Protection, Lots More Style

If you prefer not to wear a hat, you need not, and honestly should not (and we try really hard to avoid saying “should” around here!) go without protecting your ears from the cold. Weather extreme enough to cause frostnip and frostbite is a reality in several parts of our country, and as a company founded in Wisconsin we know cold and are not afraid to face it head-on—with the proper outwear, that is! Headbands, earbands and earmuffs provide reliable protection from the elements without the awkwardness of sweating in an overwarm hat or plastering your hair to your head in a staticky mat that will serve to make you self-conscious back at the house after a snowman-building contest. Check out

these comfy, practical and stylish cold weather accessories today! 


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