Halloween Costumes from Everyday Clothes

How to Make a Halloween Costume from Everyday Clothes

When you get invited to that last-minute Halloween party or decide to dress up while trick-or-treating with your children, finding a costume from everyday clothes can actually be your best bet! Pairing the right options can make you look creative and clever while not taking much time out of your busy schedule to plan an outfit. The perfect Halloween costume may already be among your favorite staples.

Pairing the right outfit with accessories such as headbands with ears or do-it-yourself attachments can turn an outfit you may wear on a normal day into an instant costume. Purchasing a Halloween costume can be pricey, but buying clothes you know you will wear again is a smart investment for a clever costume.


Your favorite flannel shirts may be your most versatile costume option. Pair a flannel with a white T-shirt underneath, a pair of jeans, and flannel-lined duck boots for a classic outdoorsmen costume. For a 90s grunge costume, wear flannel around your waist while sporting a pair of bootcut jeans and a classic solid-colored T-shirt with suede leather side zip Chelsea boots. Wear the flannel with a pair of jeans and a packable visor for a classic scarecrow look.

If you are looking for a family costume, flannel pajamas for women, men, and kids are the perfect option to pull together a Christmas card-themed Halloween costume that is both warm and comfortable.

Team USA

Get in the Olympic mood with athletic clothes that double as Halloween costumes to dress like your favorite Olympian. A women’s rash guard with leggings can pose as a wetsuit—you'll be a surfer ready to hit the waves. An everyday active skort with an athletic tank top can easily become a costume as your favorite tennis player if you grab a ball and racket. If the weather is cooler, try a down winter puff jacket paired with snow pants. If you happen to have goggles and a helmet, the gold medalist skier look will be finalized.

Quickly become an Olympian at the opening ceremonies with a classic women’s polo shirt in red, white, blue, or navy and white striped under a Hopsack blazer with white pants on the bottom. Add a medal around your next to make the costume a closing ceremony look. If you are looking for a group costume, dress yourself and four others in the colors of the Olympic rings—blue, yellow, black, green, and red. To really complete the look, add hula hoops in each color.

Animal Theme

A basic, easy costume entails all single-color clothes such as leggings paired with a black top, which can quickly become a cat costume with an eared headband.

Wear a yellow shirt and attach black stripes across it with electrical tape to quickly become a bee. For even more creativity, put a crown on your head to be the queen bee! The Dolman tee dress in leopard print with a pair of ears is a cute leopard costume with little effort. A cute reindeer costume is formed by pairing khaki pants with a shirt in a rich saddle or camel color with a pair of antlers. You can even gather your friends or family and all dress up as Santa’s reindeer.


Halloween costumes that you may already have worn before, including some simple staples from clothes you may already own, can be a great idea. Costumes like Rosie the Riveter, a pineapple, or an ice cream cone are simple to put together with some everyday clothes you already have in your closet. For example, a chambray shirt and jeans paired with a red belt and red bandana will make the perfect Rosie the Riveter costume. A yellow dress paired with a do-it-yourself headband made from cardboard (to serve as the green pineapple) will complete your pineapple costume. For a simple ice cream cone costume, a solid color top the same color as your favorite ice cream flavor worn with khakis as the cone is a perfect match!

Halloween is a unique opportunity for people to express themselves—and be creative! Utilizing clothes you already have makes the costume much more practical and fun. A look that is a costume, but also an outfit for everyday wear, is the best of both worlds, saving you time and money. Also, you will be comfortable throughout Halloween in clothes you already know you enjoy wearing. Use these ideas when thinking of your next Halloween costume!

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