Guys' Guide to Cottagecore

Guys' Guide to Cottagecore

Cottagecore is all about making comfy and sustainable choices concerning fashion, home furnishings, and even hobbies. This throwback trend highlighted on TikTok has been around for a few years and is still going strong. Let’s look at the guys’ guide to cottagecore.

Guys’ Cottagecore Pants

Cottagecore fashion for men is a look that's sophisticated in its simplicity. By incorporating natural fabrics, neutral tones, and clothing that doesn’t look brand new, it evokes ease and old-world quality. You can see its retro-rustic aesthetic in the baggy silhouettes of broken-in men’s jeans. Fabrics, including cotton and wool, are favorites for cottagecore pants.

When shopping for cottagecore pants, start by shopping in your own closet. Do you have favorite relaxed-fit pants in natural fibers? If so, they are great cottagecore candidates. When shopping for new pants, look for pants that look almost like you have owned them for a while. For jeans, go for a medium wash instead of a dark wash. Consider a slightly distressed finish to the fabric (as long as it doesn’t have actual holes that would detract from the cottagecore look).

Guys’ Cottagecore Sweaters

Is there anything comfier than a men’s relaxed-fit sweater? The relaxed silhouette of cottagecore makes it a natural for men’s cardigan sweaters and crew neck or V-neck sweaters with a looser fit.

Keep the texture of men’s sweaters in mind for cottagecore, too. Opt for sweaters made from big, chunky yarn or those with a slightly loose weave. In general, the finer the weave, the more formal the sweater. For cottagecore, you want to go casual while choosing neutrals and colors that make you look and feel great.

Guys’ Cottagecore Shirts

When looking for a cottagecore men’s shirt, keep classic cuts and natural fabrics in mind. A men’s flannel shirt can be a great cottagecore choice. You’ll want to keep the fit relaxed. The great part about cottagecore is that if you buy a new garment for that vibe, it will get “more cottagecore” over time as you wear it, and the fabric begins to look a bit more lived in. For instant cottagecore, go through last year’s shirts and look for the comfiest ones.

Dress and more formal shirts are great for the right occasion, but they won’t be your cottagecore go-to choices. For example, a classic Oxford button-down shirt would evoke a more formal feel.

Guys’ Cottagecore Jackets

A slightly oversized tweed jacket is a great cottagecore look. Its classic good looks combined with its roomy fit will give almost any outfit an instant cottagecore vibe. Men’s sports coats are a great wardrobe staple. When it comes to sartorial elegance and everyday practicality, they hit the mark like few garments in a guy’s wardrobe can. A sport coat will dress up a pair of jeans, give you an extra layer of warmth when you need it, and even breathe to keep you cool on a warm day.

Keep classic plaids and flannels in mind for cottagecore jackets, too. Men’s shackets, a mash-up of “shirts” and “jackets,” can make for a great cottagecore look and a versatile jacket for in-between weather.

Guys’ Cottagecore Footwear

Broken-in leather footwear (and not polished to a high sheen) will give you a great cottagecore vibe. Once again, start by shopping in your own closet. Do you have a favorite pair of loafers or men’s leather boots that are between “new looking” and “done?” They are great candidates for your cottagecore look.

When shopping for new cottagecore footwear, keep natural materials and classic styles in mind. Anything from penny loafers to work boots can work for this look. You will want to keep your footwear clean and properly conditioned, just not polished to a high shine. If you have favorite tennis shoes, save them for the gym or another look besides cottagecore.

Cottagecore Homes

Cottagecore is a mix of minimalism, appreciation for handcrafted items, and the feeling of being “unplugged” from our digital age. It harkens back to the days of woodworking by hand, quilts designed and sewn at home, and hobbies such as gardening. To create a cottagecore vibe, keep your home décor simple and use sustainable materials in your home when you can.

A cottagecore home can feel like a haven from stress and modernism (even if you are hanging out watching the game on your smart TV). There is just something calming about real wood, comfy pillows, and plenty of neutral colors. Consider adding candles in white or cream in wood or metal candlesticks for warmth and ambiance.

With a bit of intention in your shopping (either from your closet or your favorite retailer), you can create a great cottagecore vibe in your wardrobe and home. Enjoy being cozy!


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