Guys Guide to How to Layer for Fall

Guys Guide to How to Layer for Fall

Fall is a prime time for layering apparel. The layered look isn’t just stylish. It’s also practical, since you can adjust to varying temperatures without changing clothes. Keep reading to discover tips and inspiration for men’s fall outfits that incorporate layers:

Start With the Right Undergarments

When putting together a layered fall outfit, a good place to start is with undergarments. Men’s underwear comes in sizes to fit most every body. Plus, you can select men’s undershirts in tank, V-neck and crewneck styles. For especially cold fall days when you plan to be outdoors, thermal underwear is an option. Thermal pants and tops lock in warmth and allow for breathability to keep you comfy and prevent perspiration from accumulating.

Choose Pants to Suit the Occasion

Pants can serve as the foundation for every outfit and the piece that distinguishes between a dressy look and a casual one. If you’re going for a laid-back style, men’s jeans are an ideal fall fashion option. They come in fits and cuts to fit your body and preferred fashion aesthetic. There are men’s relaxed-fit and slim-fit jeans, along with traditional straight-leg jeans for a classically rugged look that goes with everything.

If you want an outfit for lounging, playing sports or running errands, swap the jeans for men’s sweatpants and your most comfortable cotton T-shirt. Supima cotton is an excellent material for loungewear because it’s soft, strong and colorfast thanks to its long-staple fiber. Layer a men’s hoodie over your tee for an athleisure look that’s warm and stylish.

For a dressier look, men’s chinos are always an option. You can actually dress this pant style up or down depending on your shirt, accessory and outerwear choices. Cargo pants fall somewhere in between casual and semi-dressy, depending on what you wear them with. Plus, the many pockets add practical appeal to this always-stylish and versatile pant style. If you’re going formal, men’s dress pants in a neutral hue are always appropriate.

How to Layer Shirts and Sweaters

Now that we’ve talked about pants, let’s look at how to layer shirts with sweaters. The shirt-sweater combo is a fall classic that can take you into winter and even spring. Depending on your preferred look, start with a T-shirt or button-down. Long-sleeve tees layer well beneath men’s sweaters but you can also wear them under flannel shirts too.

For an office-ready look, wear a collared dress shirt under a classic crewneck sweater. Men’s cashmere sweaters go well with any type of button-down or you can layer them over an undershirt if you don’t want a collar showing. V-neck sweaters are also great for layering, whether you wear them over a classic Oxford with a tie or your favorite T-shirt. Even a long-sleeve polo shirt goes well under most any sweater style.

Polo shirts are an all-season classic. If you tend to get warm at work, choose a short-sleeve polo over a long-sleeve one so you can cool off when you remove your sweater or jacket. A cotton or polyester polo is an easy care option you can wear throughout the year, and most men’s polos come in a myriad of colors to complement the rest of your wardrobe.

Layering With Vests and Jackets

Another way to layer for fall is with T-shirts or button-downs under fleece vests. A fleece vest or even a sweater vest can provide a layer of warmth. If you get too hot, you can always remove your vest. For cold days, fleece jackets can be worn on top. Men’s fall jackets and coats come in different warmth ratings with a Warm or Warmer rating suitable for most fall climates. The Warmest rating of outerwear, such as what you’ll find with some men’s down coats, provides protection against cold, snowy conditions.

While you might think of accessories such as men’s hats, gloves and scarves as pieces for winter only, you can wear them in the fall, too. Cold autumn nights at outdoor venues are an ideal occasion for wearing warm accessories with your coat or jacket.

Complete the Look with Fall Footwear

When choosing fall outfits, it’s also important to consider what kind of shoes or boots to wear. Athletic shoes are a versatile choice for wearing with men’s joggers, tees, and sweatshirts—although you can wear them with jeans and cargo pants as well. Another versatile choice are men’s boots. There are styles that pair well with every type of bottoms and have rugged features to protect your feet against rough terrain and inclement weather. Dress shoes are a must for wearing with dress pants and collared shirts or a traditional three-piece suit. For lounging at home, a pair of men’s slippers is a luxe option you can wear with your favorite sweats or even with a pair of men’s flannel pajamas.

Experiment with layered outfits to find your fall favorites. With a few wardrobe staples, you can put together plenty of autumn outfits for casual days and dressy occasions.


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