Guide to the Perfect Tote and Beach Bags for 2023

Guide to the Perfect Tote and Beach Bags for 2023

Don’t you just love going to the beach? To make your days and nights at the beach even better, you’ll want to choose the perfect bag to bring with you. Here are some tips to get you started.

Perfect for Packing

The perfect bag for the beach can handle all your stuff (and perhaps all your partner’s and kids’ and pet’s stuff, too). Unless you are packing a solo beach bag, you’ll want something spacious yet easy to carry. When shopping for a bag, look for features like rugged material and strong shoulder straps. Note what type of lining the bag has and whether it has a zipper closure or an inside pocket for added security. All seams should be smooth and finished. The perfect bag is the one that has all of the features that you want and need.

It’s a great idea to jot down all the stuff you anticipate carrying in your new bag. This may seem silly, but seeing a list that includes everything from your wallet to the number of beach towels your crew will need, plus items like sunscreen, water bottles, frisbees, and books, will help you to visualize whether you need a medium, large, or an extra-large beach bag.

Perfect for Toting

If you don’t already own a classic tote bag, consider adding one to your collection. They are not only handy to have at the beach but are also great for shopping, traveling, going to the library, and a myriad of other day-to-day tasks. They also come in fun colors and designs!

Tote bags can be handy for grocery shopping and are greener than the disposable options you can get at the store. You might want to get a couple and keep them in the back of your car so you can grab them when you need them. They are also great for storing items like jumper cables or first aid kits in the back of your car.

Perfect for Splashing

This may seem obvious, but any bag you plan to bring to the beach or a pool should be water-resistant or waterproof. You can achieve this in a few different ways. First, you can buy a bag made from waterproof or water-resistant material or one that has a waterproof lining. If you anticipate putting wet swimsuits or water shoes in it, this is a great idea. Second, you can spray a canvas bag with a boot spray like you would use to help make boots or shoes more water-resistant. This method is best used only if you prefer a water-resistant and not fully waterproof surface that can be wiped down. If you have small children or a family dog that will be accompanying you to the beach, waterproof is wiser.

Perfect for Going Hands-Free

If you will be carrying kids, grabbing gear, or walking your dog on a leash in addition to carrying your bag, consider buying a backpack to use as a beach bag. Sometimes having your hands free makes all the difference.

If you have kids in your crew who are old enough, consider having them pack their beach towels and other items for the beach or pool in their backpacks. The age at which this makes sense will depend upon your child's physical size and developmental level. By kindergarten, kids are often used to carrying backpacks and enjoy the independence this can give them. This could lighten your load considerably. You’ll just want to double-check that they packed all their need-to-haves in addition to any nice-to-haves that can stand up to being splashed. Favorite stuffed animals need to stay home where they will be safe and dry.

Perfect for Outdoor Dining

The right bag will make anything from a quick snack at the beach to a lovely picnic dinner for two easier and more stylish. Will you want to bring snacks, lunch, or dinner in your tote bag or beach bag? Will you need a large, insulated beach bag, or do you plan to stash a smaller lunch box or cooler inside your large bag? Will you have beach chairs where you will be going, or do you need a bag that can also handle a picnic blanket or stadium blanket? How will you carry drinks? By asking yourself these questions as you look at the different available options, you’ll be able to recognize the perfect bag when you see it.

When choosing the perfect tote or beach bag, the key is finding one that will meet your specific needs. With a bit of looking, you are sure to find the perfect bag.


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