A Guide to Shopping for a Maxi Dress

A Guide to Shopping for a Maxi Dress

The women’s tall maxi dress is quickly becoming recognized as a wardrobe staple; something to be found somewhere in your closet between other wardrobe staples like the pencil skirt and the classic white blouse. It’s a versatile piece that’s appropriate for many an occasion: your daughter’s school dance recital, your parents’ anniversary party at an oceanfront restaurant, a summery night out with your closest gal pals, or even just a quick afternoon shopping spree at the grocery store. It gives off a hint of elegance, but it’s also unbelievably comfortable. If this is your first-time shopping for a maxi dress, we want to help you do it right.

Shop by Color and Design

The maxi dress you choose, like any article of clothing, should be reflective of your personal style. If you’re not the type of woman who feels comfortable wearing a bright pink maxi dress with yellow banana prints all over it, that’s obviously not the dress for you. But if a solid-colored black maxi dress really isn’t your style either, there’s no reason to settle on that. If you’re open to the idea of adding a few maxi dresses for women to your wardrobe, consider switching up the style of each one drastically. Maybe one maxi dress could be very tropical and floral with flowy, loose short sleeves–the perfect dress to wear on vacation in an exotic, beachy locale. Another maxi dress could be more elegant and conservative, like a black or white sleeveless maxi dress reserved for formal functions. This way, you have a few different maxi dresses that can be worn for countless occasions.

The ways maxi dresses are designed are so wonderfully diverse, you can find one in any kind of top style, from a halter top to scoop necks to sleeveless and more. The material of each maxi dress varies, so you can find the perfect dress for any occasion, be it a flowy and delicate style that’s fitting for a formal setting like a wedding, or a comfortable and durable cotton that’s preferred for running errands.

Try It On

Like any piece of clothing, it’s always a wise idea to try it on before committing to the purchase. Even if you are shopping online, you can order a handful of the tall or petite maxi dresses that you think you might like and get them in a few different sizes to try on when they ship to your home. Anything you decide not to keep you can send back to the store and get a refund. This is important because you don’t want to clutter your wardrobe with anything that doesn’t belong there. The maxi dress or dresses you add to your wardrobe should be exactly what you want and something that fits your style perfectly.

Think About Your Shoes

It’s important to think about what shoes you’ll be wearing with the maxi dress. If you’re wearing a floor-length maxi dress, you may want to either have it tailored so you aren’t tripping over yourself when walking in flats, or pair the long maxi dress with a pair of wedge sandals. If you’re wearing a shorter maxi dress–one that just goes to your shins–then anything goes, from heels and sneakers to sandals and flip-flops. Obviously, it isn’t just the style or heel of the shoe that matters. You also want to think about the look of the shoe and if it will go well with the maxi dress. If you aren’t sure where to start, sandals, wedge heels, ballet flats, and flip-flops are all safe bets.

Think About the Whole Look

Maxi dresses are great because they make a striking fashion statement and you won’t even have to do much to create a captivating look. But should you decide to accessorize a maxi dress, you will want to do it strategically. For example, if you’re wearing a bright, colorful, patterned maxi dress, it may not be a good idea to pair it with lots of bold pieces of jewelry like a huge statement necklace and big earrings. And if you’re wearing a solid-colored maxi dress, you may want to add a pop of color with a cute clutch, statement shoes, or a women's cardigan. Before you buy any maxi dress, take some time to think about how you can accentuate it with the accessories you already own.


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